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Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Circumcision:How Annunaki Brand Their Human Slaves
    by WES PENRE

Circumcision:How Annunaki Brand Their Human Slaves 1. In the Aftermath of the Nuclear Fallout

The plain at the Spaceport, which had been used as runways for the shuttles were now totally destroyed after Ninurta and Nergal, the angels in the Bible, nuked the Sinai and Sodom and Gomorrah, with not even one tree standing. The dark-brown cloud which headed eastward towards Sumer carried death on its wings. Wherever it swept, life in all forms died mercilessly. The fallout also annihilated the hybrid Nibiruan/Cro Magnon slaves in Mesopotamia, loyal to the Enlil.

Nammur (the Enlil) and Ea (the Enki) forewarned the gods of Sumer and told them to immediate escape. And the gods of the cities fled for their lives.

The next thing the Enlil did was to warn Abraham of the Negev desert on the border of Sinai, and transported him to a place near the Mediterranean coast, close to the Philistines, who sided with the Enlil.

In Lagash, which was Ninurta's capitol, his wife Bau (sister of Ninmah) ran the hospital for human slaves in the city, but she refused to leave when the fallout from the bombs hit, so she died together with them.

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