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Monday, June 18, 2018

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Dead Breitbart Lies from the Grave  (continued)

Dead Breitbart Lies from the Grave It will be endlessly discussed if Obama was a radical ideologue who hung out with "domestic terrorists" in his youth, or if he was even eligible to be president in the first place with renewed "birther" accusations. It will supposedly be the vetting process that never took place before the 2008 election.

Progressive websites will go on the counter attack claiming the right wing has gone crazy again with these accusations of fake birth certificates -- even though the official long-form version released from by the White House was so obviously falsified, perhaps for the very purpose of renewing the controversy. It will be a media feeding frenzy and an epic distraction from current issues the electorate should be debating.

First, I should address some of these controversial topics. Maybe Obama wasn't really born in the United States, but neither was his challenger in 2008, John McCain. However, they each had American parents (one in Obama's case) which is not disputed. Controversy over. Secondly, we don't really know who Obama is, and he certainly could be a commie influenced by radical leftists. Or, more likely, he could be a Manchurian candidate handled by unseen power brokers.

How is this different than any other puppet placed in the highest office? For instance, wasn't George W. Bush was every bit the phony Fascist puppet that Obama appears to be despite political labels?

So Obama hung out with Bill Ayers of Weather Underground who some refer to as domestic terrorists. What if I told you we have video of Obama in the '80s palling around with Osama bin Laden, too? What would you think of him then? Actually, he would have gotten a medal for it and a movie made about his life like Charlie Wilson did. The point is, it means nothing compared to what's relevant today.

The violence supposedly committed by Weather Underground doesn't hold a candle to the state-sponsored terror that Obama should be on trial for during this election cycle. And forget wasting time speculating about Breitbart's death, as it will never be proven. Yet, it is proven and admitted that Obama openly murders U.S. citizens, has declared war on American soil (Martial Law), has agreed to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens without due process, has expanded warrantless surveillance including molesting innocent travelers, and has catered to every whim of corporate cartels that seek taxpayer bailouts.

But none of this will be discussed, because the alternative media will be too busy trying to discover if and why Breitbart was murdered. The right will be busy trying to label Obama a radical who hung out with terrorists -- and, by the way, he wasn't even born in America. The left will proceed to call them crazy and praise Obama as their warrior-in-chief.

This renewed controversy seems to be orchestrated to send everyone to their designated political corners to avoid any real discussion about the most important issues facing Americans. The debate about the endless wars will be disappeared like a "belligerent" U.S. citizen under the NDAA. There will be no utterance of the root cause of the economic problems: the monetary system. Instead, we may hear about oil prices and a renewed push for pipelines and other nonsense. There will be no discussion about why we justify invading countries that supposedly kill their own citizens while simultaneously justifying the killing of our own citizens without due process.

In short, the Breitbart tapes serve only one purpose; to distract from any real political debate this October, and perhaps launch Obama's ideological twin Romney into the White House.


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