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Monday, June 18, 2018

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Pentagon-CIA Plays the Fake Zarqawi Gambit   (continued)
    by SAM HAMOD

Pentagon-CIA Plays the Fake Zarqawi Gambit S. “precision bombing” took out a popular kebab restaurant because allegedly, “Zarqawi was meeting people there.”

This was an out and out lie; not only the owner but many customers were enraged because all that were in the restaurant were people from Fallujah—not Zarqawi.

Also, the citizens of Fallujah have taken control of their own town, but the U.S. keeps saying that “terrorists” have control of the town. And no less than the U.S. puppet, Allawi has demanded that the Fallujahns turn over Zarqawi or he’ll level the town.

BUT, HOW CAN THEY TURN OVER ZARQAWI IF HE’S NOT THERE? This is a double negative for the people, you can’t prove that which is not true.

But, this will give Allawi’s cronies and the U.S. military an excuse to go in and kill more of the people of Fallujah.

But do not think for a moment that others in the Muslim world believe these lies, this utter garbage—they don’t. Thus, what America is doing is alienating even more people and creating more resistance fighters. These people are not “foreigners” as Bush keeps claiming, they are people like you.

You know very well you’d defend your family, your home and your city if it came under attack. In this case, the Fallujahns are defending their families, their homes and their cities from the attacks by the U.S. military. They don’t need a Zarqawi to fight back against this illegal occupation.

What is also interesting is that the American military now says they tried on two occasions to rescue Higley and the American hostages who were beheaded. We think the beheading was wrong and was against Islamic law. But, ironically, though our troops bomb Fallujah everyday, they were looking for Higley and the others in Baghdad!
What sense does this make except to prove that this whole excuse for bombing Fallujah is a lie.

As an American born citizen, I find it hard to understand why we persist in this killing.

But then again, I remember General Sherman’s thought, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian,” when speaking of his massacres of Native Americans. We must also remember his burning of Georgia. We must also remember how we fire-bombed Dresden, ala Hitler bombing London—not caring about all the human lives we took; Dresden was not a military target, it was a target for our terrorism in WWII.

Then we must also think of Mai Lai in Viet Nam; Israel’s genocide against the Palestinians; and our country’s complicity in all this. So, I guess we have a history of killing innocent people.

Only lately have our correspondents reported how our soldiers have adopted the Israeli tactic of shooting anyone who moves in certain zones—just as the Israelis killed the innocent school-girl last week, and the commander left his post and went out to put several more bullets into the girl’s head and body (this against all Christian,

Jewish and Muslim law to mutilate a dead person and against those religions to kill innocent people, especially children). Many of our soldiers have admitted doing the same thing to civilians because some of their buddies were shot. All these acts are against Geneva Conventions and all rules of warfare. But, our media and our military do their best to cover all this up—just as they justify, with lies, their daily, incessant bombing of Fallujah.

I believe there must be some Fatwas being issued by true religious leaders in the Muslim world at this point; not the phony Fatwas of a Bin Laden.

In these Fatwas, I’m sure the religious scholars are calling for a response in kind to the American terrorism of Fallujah.
With this in mind, and I am only speculating based on my knowledge of the Middle East and Islam, I fear that Bush and his military leaders will reap a whirlwind in time. I don’t know when this will happen or where, but knowing how the minds in that region think, I am sure I am correct about response in time.

The larger question we must now ask is, “Why are we provoking attacks against America?”

This gets into some strange territory. Some say it is to stimulate the production of American war materials so that the American military supply corporations, and the “security” corporations such as Blackwater, DynCorp, etc., can make more money.

Others say it is because they want to terrorize the Muslims into submission: but this will never happen, Islam is too strong a force in the Middle East and in the world to give in to such terrorism (incidentally, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world according to the UN studies).

I don’t think our military is stupid, but then again, as one Major told me, “At Camp Pendleton we received no training on Islam or the Arab mind.”

Thus, it may be that our leadership in the civilian areas are ignorant.

After all, when they put Daniel Pipes as head of a Peace Institute, Eliot Abrams and Ken Adelman as advisors on the Middle East and Foreign Affairs—what can you expect.

But provoke we do, constantly, on a daily basis.

Finally, most American people don’t know these realities because those of us who are actually experts on Islam and the Middle East are kept off the major media, even NPR, because the networks don’t want the truth to come out because it would scare the population into reversing our colonialist policies.

In my heart, I know that most of my fellow citizens are God-fearing and good-hearted people, who would never support the killing of civilians if they knew about it.

But, our media, in cooperation with the Bush team and the Bush military, keep perpetrating the lies that the people they are killing everyday are “terrorists,” or “insurgents,” never telling the truth that they are civilians, women, children and men who are not fighting anyone or threatening the U.S. in any way. I believe in my fellow Americans, if they are able to find the truth.

But, like Nazi Germany, many people did not know of the killing of the Jews, Poles, Russians and others under Hitler’s reign; the same may happen in America, our media is not much different than the media control Goebbels had in Germany. Let us hope Mencken was wrong when he called our people, “Boobus Americanus.” We shall see.

Someone asked me why I keep writing in such a hopeless situation; it is to awaken the few I can.

I hope they will pass it on so that others may also learn the truth, lest our nation perish as an immoral, bloodthirsty animal that was led by an ignorant, deadly cabal of neo-cons who lie at the drop of a hat, with a leader who disgorges their lies on a daily basis.


* Sam Hamod is an expert the Middle East and Islam; former editor of 3rd World News (in D.C.); former Director of The Islamic Center in D.C.. Watch for his new book in 2005, Essays In Times of War, on He my be reached at

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