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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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9/11 Hoax Museum: 'Falling Man' Photo Fakery  (continued)

9/11 Hoax Museum: 'Falling Man'  Photo Fakery

This term alludes to the doctored picture of a guy, who looks like he is still sitting in an office chair on the way down, flipped upside down and blended into the background of what is supposed to one of the WTC buildings (though only a partial view of a side of it supposedly - is shown) on 9/11/2001.

This has given over to the much invoked sanctimony about the WTC office people who jumped their deaths to escape the flames, or in other words as those of us who are more informed can refer to it : "The Day NY City Rained Office People."

Even Condoleezza Rice pulled this canard out of her left buttocks to avoid a direct question from a Stanford student about the genocides in Iraq and Afghanistan, showing the utility of having a corral of mythological sacred cows to pull out anytime one needs to duck responsibility.

So the Falling Man just like Todd Beamer and his catchy "let's roll" slogan serve to create the fiber of the emotive units of communication that comprise all 9/11/2001 banter and such jingoism.

So for this post I'd like to introduce my short analysis of the infamous "Falling Man" photo of 9/11/2001 Lore. Two side notes, first I'd like to ask Simon if he has examined this particular photo before since it looks like something that is right up his ally. And if you could offer anymore analysis either based on what I've provided or on any previous investigation into it.

The second side note is that this photo is attributed to Richard Drew the person said to have taken the photo, this lucky fellow also just happened to be accompanying Robert F Kennedy when he was shot in the back of the head by his bodyguard, and wouldn't stop taking pictures of it, to sell the Sirhan Sirhan story back then as he is selling 9/11/2001 now.

With a knack for being Johnny on the spot like that, no wonder he became a news photographer.

A very interesting and telling story on this member of the 9/11/2001 Mythos can be read here -

For more photos and analysis including similarity of "falling man" fake photo and the uncanny resemblance to the Hanged Man from theTarot see 9-11 Falling Man Photo Hoax

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