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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Sandy Hooker Wolfgang Halbig: A Zionist Mole?  (continued)

Sandy Hooker Wolfgang Halbig: A Zionist Mole?

They had no idea that he is a plant specifically put in this position by the Sandy Hook hoaxers themselves, the arch-Zionist cabal.

At the minimum Halbig is an aggressive Jewish political activist. What is such a person doing leading Sandy Hook truth? It should be the opposite. He should be leading the Sandy Hook truth anti-movement:

Really, the best country and ally, the one which is the most vile, wretched entity on this earth – the one that declared war on America by bombing to smithereens the WTC?

Look at this mole of moles. He is clearly a hard-core Khazarian Jew, now posing as a Sandy Hook truth seeker: He has the appearance of a kissing cousin of Abe Foxman.

Perfect: he is being "persecuted" for his heroics, as he stands up against the great forces of evil. This is standard operative procedure for a psyops campaign through the use of agents provocateur.

He is also wooing Sandy Hook researchers through to a degree speaking their language. The "credentials" are a critical element in this wooing. Yet, they are, upon close inspection, not so impressive after all:

Shiver Security Systems School Safety Seminar

Shiver Security Systems, Inc dba Sonitrol of SW Ohio held a free school safety seminar for schools, churches and daycare centers on March 13, 2012. The event was held at the Savannah Center, West Chester, OH. The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office, Cincinnati Police Department, National School Safety Expert Speaker Wolfgang Halbig and Technology Experts spoke to those that attended the event.


There is also this, extracted from an article written by Halbig:

Wolfgang Halbig is currently the director of risk management for the Lake County (Fla.) Public Schools. He was formerly the executive director and national school safety consultant for the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety. He can be reached at

The blue underlined portion proves that he has, all along, been an agent of the wicked regime, promoting the faux school violence claim, while attempting to profit from it. He is a fraud and a deceiver: make no mistake about it.

National School Safety is a Justice Department and DHS entity, and he was being positioned for this role prior to the DHS's Sandy Hook hoax. Was he, then, clued into the hoax all along? If so, far from being a truth-seeking hero, he is a coward and traitor.

"Yet, wait a minute, he's a pro. Plus, he's calling for the arrest of the perpetrators. It's all so the public will know the truth; he's the best friend the movement could ever desire."

Or, so it seems. It’s all a carefully crafted psyops, with Halbig acting as pre-positioned controlled opposition. Otherwise, people are expected to believe that all of a sudden this dedicated political Zionist and DHS insider has an epiphany and after working for the forces of evil for decades domes over to the side of good.

For the Zionist cabal, including the DHS, Sandy Hook is a lost cause. Therefore, there is no hesitation at this time to attempt plots of desperation. The installation of arch-Zionist mole Wolfgang Halbig, HoloHoax apologist and pro-Apartheid fanatic, is one such desperate act.

Despite all his words, in spite of all his protests and pontifications, including a mix of some words of truth, Wolfgang Halbig is a Zionist agent working for the precise agencies which orchestrated the Sandy Hook hoax. He is an enemy of the truth, an extremist one, never its friend.

Halbig is an agent provocateur, as any systematic analysis of his Internet posts would reveal. He is Zionism's mole of moles, despite deceptive claims, false witness, and protestations otherwise.

© 2014 NODISINFO. All Rights Reserved.

More Proof that Wolfgang Halbig is a Zionist Mole

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