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Saturday, May 26, 2018

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Pentagon Eyewitness: Official 9/11Legend Exposed  (continued)

Pentagon Eyewitness: Official 9/11Legend Exposed Evidence, such as Danner's testimony, that contradicts the official version is simply ignored.

As a trained emergency medical technician (EMT) Danner left his car on the side of Washington Blvd. and crossed the 6-lane highway to assist in the initial rescue effort at the Pentagon crash site. Danner, who has been to other crash sites, was utterly baffled when he found neither bodies nor parts of what is said to have been a Boeing 757. All Danner found was some smashed up sheet metal and parts of a small jet engine.

The badly bent shaft and jet engine wheel that Danner found outside the Pentagon appeared to be about 3 feet in diameter, he said. This 3-foot wheel was found near its thickly insulated housing, which appears to be about the same size in diameter.

The insulated housing suggests that the jet engine was only about 3 feet in diameter.

This small jet engine appears to have hit the limestone clad Pentagon wall and to have bounced some 25 feet away from the building.

The fact that Danner did not find any recognizable pieces of a Boeing 757 is supported by what other witnesses at the Pentagon reported having seen. No discernible pieces of a 60-ton airliner were seen by any of the witnesses at the Pentagon, The Washington Times reported on Sept. 12, 2001. Sam describes the bizarre scene he experienced as reminiscent of an episode from "The Twilight Zone."

Danner recalled seeing a group of men by the Pentagon wearing white shirts and ties who all had binoculars with them. As he looked at the crash site with his binoculars, he saw them looking at him through theirs. He waved, but they did not wave back.

The FBI's Washington field office took charge of the Pentagon crash site immediately after the attack and agents quickly confiscated video footage from cameras overlooking the area.

FBI agents then ordered first responders and Pentagon personnel at the site to scour the lawn to recover tiny fragments of the aircraft before they could be marked and photographed.

At the time, the Washington field office of the FBI was headed by assistant director Van A. Harp and Bob Blecksmith, special agent in charge.

Danner was part of the line of people who were ordered to walk across the lawn at the crash site and pick up every single piece of debris. The person who supervised this collection of evidence was a man named "Erkstine," or perhaps "Eckstine," Danner said. Danner says he found small pieces of shredded aluminum and a graphite or carbon-fiber composite material containing polymers or resin.

9/11 researcher and author Eric Hufschmid showed Sam television footage from Fox News that showed the line of people picking up the tiny fragments and putting them into garbage bags. From this video Sam was able to pick himself out. Directly behind Danner is the man he knew only as Mr. Erkstine.

Sam asked why they were removing the evidence and putting it into Hefty trash bags rather than flagging it for the accident investigators.

"Son," Erkstine told the 49-year old Danner, "just pick up the stuff. It's none of your damn business."

Sam said he found small pieces of shredded aluminum and carbon-fiber material that was rough with protruding fibers on one side and smooth and polished on the other. The wings and tail of the Global Hawk are made out of this kind of carbon-fiber composite material while the fuselage is made of aluminum. The Global Hawk is powered by a single jet engine about 3 feet in diameter.

Danner, who has been to other crash sites as an EMT, was puzzled by the fact that rather than securing the perimeter, preserving the evidence and putting down orange flags for the forensic specialists and accident investigators, he and the others were treating critical evidence from the crash site like trash.

Pentagon spokesperson Cheryl Irwin told AFP that the FBI had taken control of the crash site "almost immediately" and that all questions about how the investigation had been conducted should be directed to the FBI.

AFP then contacted Debra J. Weierman, spokesperson for the FBI's Washington field office, to ask about the collection of debris fragments at the Pentagon and the identity of the agent who supervised it. However, Weierman remained unavailable for comment.

Bill Carter from the FBI's national headquarters defended the seemingly hasty collection of evidence into Hefty trash bags. Asked where this evidence was and why it had not been shown to the press and public, Carter said that it was probably in "a warehouse somewhere" and had been withheld due to the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th hijacker who was in jail in Minnesota at the time of the attacks.

Asked if AFP could view this evidence, Carter said it would require the approval of Chuck Rosenberg, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. Rosenberg previously served as counselor to Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, who was the newly appointed FBI director on 9/11.

At the top of the investigative chain of command was Ashcroft and Michael Chertoff, the Israeli-American assistant attorney general who headed the criminal division of the Department of Justice.

Chertoff reportedly provided the first list of the 19 Arab hijackers and is the co-author of the much despised USA PATRIOT Act with another assistant attorney general, the Vietnam-born Viet Dinh. This infamous act was signed into law October 26, 2001.

While the FBI absconded and withheld the most crucial evidence, the mainstream media quickly promoted, without question, the Chertoff version of 9/11 that 19 Arab hijackers had perpetrated the attacks of 9/11. Why, after nearly 5 years, has the mainstream media completely failed to investigate the most obvious questions about 9/11?

When Nila Sagadevan, a 9/11 activist, recently engaged in an on-line discussion about the influence of "pro-Israeli Jews" in the U.S. media, he received this intriguing comment from a Jewish man in Maryland named David Emerson, which suggests that the media moguls are actively involved in the 9/11 deception.

"The entire media machine in this country – television, radio, newspapers, even book publishing -- has been totally and thoroughly taken over by pro-Israeli forces," Emerson wrote. "The 'news' the average American sees, hears and reads is what he/she is meant to see, hear or read. Nothing more. Your mind is theirs to control. Their views and opinions are designed to subliminally become your views and opinions (and your children's) without you ever suspecting it.

"This is mind-control at its most frighteningly dangerous. The naïve, plastic mind of the average American is being manipulated on the most sinister level. It is being achieved so successfully, that most Americans know nothing about the true perpetrators of 9/11. This could only have been achieved through a media controlled by the perpetrators."

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