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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Royal Conspiracy: How the Crown & Jesuits Rule  (continued)

Royal Conspiracy: How the Crown & Jesuits Rule Who remembers? The past Crusades ended up a disaster for Europe, causing the Eastern World to organize under Saladin, a Kurd.

Half-asleep Americans apparently pay no attention to words of knowledge and wisdom.

The former head of German intelligence, Andreas Von Buelow, states that September 11, 2001, was an American home-grown product, not involving Arabs except to be falsely blamed. The highest level of the U.S. Central Government and their stooges in the Intelligence Agencies and U.S. Military were in on it. It was sort of like the aborted plan in 1962, thirty nine years prior, to justify invading Cuba, by Joint Chiefs of Staff planning to destroy U.S. buildings and airplanes, causing great bloodshed to innocent Americans, to be falsely blamed onto Fidel Castro. The book documenting "Operation Northwoods", namely "Body of Secrets", by James Bamford, was issued just prior to 9-11. Who in the monopoly press connected the dots?

A week after our exclusive interview with Von Buelow was on the air on our radio show in Toronto, "Cloak and Dagger", and at the height of our ratings in Canada for the time slot, Mojo Radio, pressured by financial forces, yanked our show off the air after the popular program had been on the air for 76 weeks.

Does anyone remember? After 9-11, and before the invasion of Iraq, the King of Spain, Juan Carlos, ordered White House resident and occupant, George W. Bush, and British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to show up at islands, offshore Portugal, a meeting place chosen by the Monarch, for the King to give themthe favor of an audience.

This demonstration of WHO is REALLY in control, was, of course, not identified as such by the newsfakers in London and New York.

As we have earlier shown, the Head of State of Canada is Queen Elizabeth II. This Monarch, in reality and show of power, is the actual Head of State, as well, of the United States.

By benefitting from, if not ordering, the political murders of seven U.S. Presidents, the British Monarchy and the Jesuits, as the brute force of the Vatican, have repeatedly snuffed out U.S. Presidents that opposed these foreign forces from encroaching on U.S. industrial and financial and other development.

[To understand this, study the parts of the series, "The Overthrow of the American Republic", at and and as archived with Skolnick as a columnist at ]

A bit of history seldom mentioned or completely previously censored. With the end of World War One came the apparent decline if not supposed disapearance of the Monarchies of Europe. The supposed British Monarchy, at Buckingham Palace, was actually German royalty, the House of Hanover (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha). Because of anti-German sentiment in England during World War One, the pretended Royal Brits changed to a fake name, the House of Windsor.

In December 1936, when war with Germany was expected again, King Edward 8th, supposedly British, but actually German, abdicated with the lame excuse he wanted to marry a forbidden commoner.

His successor on the British throne (actually of German royalty, George Saxe-Coburg-Gotha), became King George the 6th and committed treason with the Nazis -- covered up by Buckingham Palace's art expert, Anthony Blunt, who during World War Two, went behind the German lines to retrieve documents from a European castle that showed the treachery of King George 6th.

Blunt was later unmasked as a Moscow secret agent, to protect the supposed British royals, Blunt was not prosecuted. Having removed himself from the throne, King Edward 6th and his commoner wife Wallis Simpson (who was a major worldwide shipping magnate with the Nazis), became the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

The Duke was the ruler, during World War Two, of the British colony, the Bahamas. He secretly and treasonously arranged to re-fuel Nazi submarines right off-shore of the United States which then torpedoed American ships killing numerous American sailors and merchant marines.

During the War, the Duke and Duchess met with officials of the German High Command and the Gestapo, in neutral Portugal. [In recent years, a heavily documented video production, showing previously secret films, showed the treason of the Duke and Duchess. It was shown on the History Channel, on Cable TV.]

Upon the death of King George 6th in 1952, his daughter, also of course as him, of German royalty, came on the throne as Queen Elizabeth II.

Now, with the impending worldwide financial collapse, has come the re-emergence of the Monarchies of Europe, to rule with an iron-fist and promote Fascism, to be pushed down upon unsuspecting Americans and others with the cover story propaganda that it is simply fighting the "terrorism" of the Moslem World. That is, simply stated, Rule by the Crowned Heads By Fear and Terror supposedly to be blamed on "The Arabs".

The Iberian Peninsula has quietly been the focus of U.S. intelligence agencies' dirty, bloody operations.

In 1974, Frank Carlucci headed the American CIA operation to overthrow the Lisbon socialist government. He had been Chief of Sears Roebucks international operations, an actual "spook" operation and later a top official of the American spy machine. Much later, he was the head of the international war-mongers, weapons producers, and all-around secret operations bribery center, known as Carlyle Group.

Carlyle, which is financially tied to the Bush Crime Family, is interwoven with Queen Elizabeth II's private bank, Coutts Bank London.

There the Queen has a joint account amounting to ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS, with the Bush Crime Family.

Having a huge financial interest in the same account is their business partner, Saddam Hussein. The document showing this with the secret codes has been posted on

The massive joint account is used to launder illicit funds from gold smuggling; sale of forbidden nuclear weapons (such as by Donald Rumsfeld's Swiss firm, ABB, to the North Koreans); hiding other weapons dealings with known terrorists with Hillary Rodham Clinton and her business partners (our tv show in Chicago got her lesbian business partner, Diane Lewis, in 1992, arrested for illegally supplying known terrorists with missile parts) and Hillary in financial matters is interwoven with the Bush Crime Family, which many know-nothings do not suspect because of her hot-air public viewpoints; the joint account is entangled with concealing funds from the worldwide dope cartels; and laundering the proceeds from land-mine producing companies, that is of firms owned by Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Duke of Edinburgh, also known as Prince Philip.

Notice what Queen Elizabeth II did, by way of joining with and merging her financial interests, with Carlyle Group.

"The Queen has a new bank manager, following the departure of Andrew Fisher, chief executive of Coutts, to the Carlyle Group, the US private equity firm". Financial Times of London, December 19, 2001.

The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, also called "Consort" to the Queen, actually the husband of Queen Elizabeth II; they together are major owners of weapons factories worldwide, including the manufacturing of land-mines.

Prince Diana headed a worldwide campaign against land-mines. So you can quickly sense one of the motives for Prince Philip to have ordered British Counter-Intellience, MI-6, to murder Diana and her intended Arab husband, Dodi Fayed.

It was disguised as an "accident" in a Paris tunnel, site of the traditional place that European monarchs fought one another to the death, the murdered Monarch, so the legend goes, then goes to Heaven to sit next to Jesus Christ.

The Daily Mirror of London, went to press several hours before the actual political assasinations, with why and how Prince Philip wants Diana and her intended Arab husband Dodi Fayed dead. To be used by Queen Elizabeth II's husband, the newspaper contended, was British Counter-Intelligence, MI-6. August, 1997.

[The Queen's unlisted "General Counsel", in interviews with certain North American journalists, denied Prince Philip ordered the assassination of Princess Diana. See: "The Ash Wednesday Plot", Part 3, at ]

The Bush Crime Family, for the purposes of disguising their illicit operations worldwide, have twenty-five secret massive accounts. They are shown in documents posted early in the year 2000 at

The series there "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush". The secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records, with Greenspan's secret authorization code, are attached to the website series. Also, it includes the notes of the Chief of the Internal Affairs section of the U.S. Treasury, inquiring into the dirty business of Daddy Bush and his sons.

One of the documents shows the Bush Crime Family account in a bank in Malaga, Spain, ostensibly used for bloody operations on the Iberian Peninsula.

The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press, U.S./Europe, are promoting false accusations as to the bombings in Madrid, "The Arabs did it!" The precision co-ordinating of ten major bombings within a few minutes requires the type of technical skill and the planning typical of bloody operations of intelligence agencies, not dissident Basques or disgruntled Arabs.

Not replicated or noticed by the monopoly press elsewhere, the press in Portugal reported official inquiries into the role of Daddy Bush in the political assassination of Portugal's Prime Minister and an associate of his, by way of a sabotaged airplane crash.

The Portuguese leaders were going public with the role of Daddy Bush, arranging a treasonous deal in a Paris suburb, October, 1980. Top Iranian officials were there bribed with money and promised weapons shipments, by George Herbert Walker Bush, so that the Reagan/Bush ticket could win the Presidential election in 1980 against incumbent Jimmy Carter. The Georgia Democrat was shown as a wimp, not able to get the release of the 52 U.S. hostages held by Iran. Bush otherwise feared an "October Surprise" that would aid Carter in the election. Their release treasonously delayed by Daddy Bush, the hostages were set free in January, 1981, at the very moment Reagan/Bush were inaugurated as President and Vice President.

The secret air flight to the Paris suburb, October, 1980, was piloted by Office of Naval Intelligence Commander Gunther Russbacher. His signed, detailed statement shows that among the top dignataries onboard were former Director of Central Intelligence, George Herbert Walker Bush, running for Vice President; U.S. SENATOR JOHN F. KERRY (Democrat, Mass.), an apparent American CIA agent provocateur previously posing as a peacenik; and U.S. Congressman Dan Rostenkowski(D., Ill.), head of the tax-writing committee of Congress, often bribed to push tax loop-holes for the Chicago commodity markets. Rosty was later sent to federal prison for embezzling funds from the private bank of the U.S. Congress.

Portugal was to be a transit point for secret weapons shipments by Reagan/Bush, headed for Israel which was the further trans-shipment point to Iran, as part of the treasonous money/weapons Daddy Bush deal.

The French CIA and Israeli intelligence, The Mossad, with video and other proof of the Reagan/Bush treachery, use the details as blackmail against the current Bush White House. To silence the top Portuguese officials, Daddy Bush had them assassinated, and members of the Lisbon legislature have the proof, according to press accounts there.

Among spy agencies, the American CIA has a propensity for using cryptic numerology as well as Greek mythology to label their secret operations. The CIA likes to set off their bloody business on the anniversary of other events. An example is the murder, by airplane sabotage, of John F. Kennedy, Jr., in July, 1999. [See the anniversaries identified in the series, "What Happened To America's Golden Boy", ]

So, the approval ratings of George W. Bush were declining. Some feared a U.S. military disaster in the U.S.'s role as foreign invaders on the soil of Iraq. So, 911 days since September 11, 2001, namely March 11, 2004, there are ten precision bombings in Madrid, Spain. The liars and whores of the press, just like after a political assassination, crank up a smokescreen against patsies, currently Basque dissidents and then the Arabs.

Commonfolk have an extreme difficulty understanding the Crowned Heads of Europe, the Aristocracy of Europe-U.S. It requires a mindset seldom understood.

How other supposed humans, even those in the Establishment that worship satanic idols (such as Skull & Bastards Society members George W. Bush and John F. Kerry), who would benefit from instigating violence and wars that cause great bloodshed; and foment Depressions, that steal away the properties and life savings of ordinary people to further enrich the ultra wealthy. And then such monsters, having set loose such forces, sit down in their private dining rooms, with gold tableware, and eat their supper as if nothing happened.

The subject matters of "Aristocracy", who, what, why, and when, are seldom, if ever, taught in universities in North America.

How many months, if not years, must now pass, before ordinary people understand the role of the Establishment, not the Arabs, in the violence of September 11, 2001?

And likewise, how much time must now pass before half-asleep Americans and befuddled Canadians understand WHO BENEFITS from the violence in Madrid?

Notice how the Royalty of Spain, apparently want to quickly show they supposedly have no complicity in the Madrid event, such as with the other Crowned Heads of Europe and their adjunct, the intelligence agencies; and that they are all sad about the violence and their apparent secret agenda of which it is a part.

Spanish King Juan Carlos said in a televised address to the people after visiting survivors in one of the city's hospitals, "A nightmare has struck showing terrorism's cruel face".

And "Your king is suffering with all of you and shares your indignation."

Also, "For the first time in the history of Spain, the royal family took part, which was headed by Crown Prince Felipe and his sisters Elena and Cristina." [Inter Press Service". 3/13/2004.]

When will we all finally understand how, why and when the crowned heads of Europe intend to rule by fear and terror?

* Mr. Skolnick's research reports of his investigative group are on his website
Also shown on

Mr. Skolnick together with Lenny Bloom are co-hosts of a audiostreaming program on internet, soon to be at maximum Internet pipeline power, live ON-LINE as if a radio broadcast and also archived ON-LINE. Their temporary schedule in the meantime is shown on

Recently published, the book "Ahead of the Parade" by Sherman H. Skolnick, A Who's Who of Treason & High Crimes---Exclusive Details of Fraud & Corruption of the Monopoly Press, the Banks, the Bench and the Bar, & the Secret Political Police. Toll FREE order line for US/Canada

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