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Monday, June 18, 2018

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Illuminati Shill Glenn Beck Leaves Fox News  (continued)

Beck's contract. Two sources with knowledge of the deal said it was valued at $50 million over five years, through a combination of salary and profit-sharing from syndication."

Note that Mitt Romney's Clear Channel Communications was the official sponsor of the "Tea Party Revolution". The goal was to replicate Newt Gingriches Republican Revolution during the Bill Clinton administration and open the door for George W Bush to ascend to the Presidency.

Instead of prosecuting Clinton for giving China our most advanced weaponry during Chinagate, a real act of treason, the Republicans helped deflect the the issue by Impeachingh Clinton for Monica Lewinsky and lies about sex.

Today's "Tea Party", which is preparing the way for Romney's ascent into the White House, promised to take down the Federal Reserve Banksters. A promise that they no longer discuss within the hallowed halls of Congress.

Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge and Sean Hannity all shilled for Bush, Gingrich and Impeachment under Monica Lewinsky instead of focusing on the real impeachable offenses that involved real acts of treason.

Tavistock was created by the Illuminati to manipulate and control the media so that the "sheeple" could be led to the slaughter with a minimum amount of bleating. Sheep always get sheered before they are slaughtered. No reason to let the valuable wool go to waste.

Clear Channel Communications is simply following the script of the Tavistock-Illuminati Agenda.

That Agenda includes selling out America to the Chinese Communists and the Illuminati "La Raza" movement. Russia has also been promised a piece of the American Pie.

This is why Clear Channel shills like Glenn Beck,Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh steer clear of the fact that Communist China is colonizing these United States through "Free-Trade" Zones and most likely bringing troops, military weapons and equipment into these United States in preparation for their coming invasion.

Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity also fail to address the fact that their desire to protect us from Terrorists does not involve Securing our Southern Border. They ignore the fact that anyone with anything can simply cross the common border we have with Mexico and bring all kinds of very bad things into these United States.

Now, back to Glenn Beck.

"Those who watched the theatrics of the 'Bush Administration' will remember few attack dogs fiercer than Glenn Beck of Fox News. Fox News of course, is of News Corporation, a globalist Council on Foreign Relations corporate member, with Rupert Murdoch an individual member of the CFR as well."

The Council on Foreign Relations was established to make sure Tavistock methods of sheeple control were being universally implemented in the West.

"Beck helped sell the ongoing wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq, is a major proponent of war with Iran, Somalia, Libya, and a general clash of civilizations between the West and the over 1 billion Muslims that populate the world. He, along with the rest of the corporate media, has the blood of thousands of Americans on his hands as well as the blood of over a million Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Somalians, Yemenis, and now Libyans.

"For this alone, Beck is an irredeemable degenerate liar who belongs not in the center of public debate, but inside a concrete jail cell."


People also forget about Beck's stint with CFR member and corporate sponsor Ted Turner and CNN News.

Both CNN and Fox News are Tavistock creations. One manages the Trotskyite branch of the Illuminati (Right Wing Socialism), also know as Fascism.

The other manages the Communist Branch of the Illuminati. Both groups were created to bring about World War III between Islam and Christianity. Both are apologists for the Rockefeller/Rothschild bankster empire and both take their marching orders from the Satanic Psychopaths.

"In January 2006, CNN's Headline News announced that Beck would host a nightly news-commentary show in their new prime-time block Headline Prime. The show, simply called Glenn Beck, aired weeknights. CNN Headline News described the show as "an unconventional look at the news of the day featuring his often amusing perspective". At the end of his tenure at CNN-HLN, Beck had the second largest audience behind Nancy Grace. In 2008, Beck won the Marconi Radio Award for Network Syndicated Personality of the Year."

Beck is a Trotskyite. Otherwise known as a Fascist or "Corporate Whore". He will continue to try and lead the parade against the Conspiracy because he is one of their most valued members. A true wolf in sheep's clothing if ever their was one. Saying all the right things except those right things that really matter. I fully expect his radio shows to be broadcast in the soon to be opened FEMA concentration camps. The Satanic Psychopaths always like to mock their victims before they sacrifice them.

I also fully expect Beck to promote the New Age Messiah when he shortly appears, as well as the microchip implant known as the "Mark of the Beast". So follow this pied piper from three Tavistock media groups at your own risk. The same can be said about those politicians, like Mitt Romney, he shills for on a full-time basis.


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