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Sunday, May 20, 2018

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Morgellons: Man-Made Bio-Engineered Disease   (continued)

Morgellons: Man-Made Bio-Engineered Disease  I began a 3 year study of all fungus, cyanobacteria, chytrids, rotifirs, algae or anything else I could learn about that might be a clue to this mystery.

Eventually I looked at the Internet and typed some symptoms into a search engine. I was amazed and excited that I found Mary Leitao's Morgellons website. I contacted Mary and started working with her. I asked her about the name “Morgellons”. She had taken it from a 1690 monograph by Sir Thomas Brown who described a condition in children that included copious growth of hair on their backs. I can't say that I agreed with her choice to use that particular name for this illness but I supposed it sounded more medically correct than what I have been calling it which was “the crap.”

During the time I worked with Mary she was able to get some of my Morgellons samples into a lab at the University of Pittsburgh. They underwent testing using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy.

They were found to be hollow, auto fluorescent and to contain cellulose but no chitin.

From my earlier study of mycology I knew that the absence chitin ruled out any fungus since all fungus contains chitin. At that time I got a letter from Mary and with some micrograph images taken by the lab. Due to a computer assault from an evil anti-Morgellons website I no longer have copies of these.

Apparently the samples were quite a sensation at the lab and could not be readily identified. There were to be further studies done and frozen cross sections for further testing had already prepared by the lab. Shortly thereafter I learned that the University had told Mary they had no time to work on it. This was surprising since it was a unique material with many unanswered questions and this was, after all, a University where I would hope knowledge would be valued. I began to wonder why the Morgellons research had been dumped like a hot potato.

Several years later more fiber samples from my body were determined to be made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) by another researcher who paid to have them tested at several accredited labs.

There are differences in the fibers since some are round and some are more ribbon-shaped. There may also be a difference if a fiber directly enters the body from the environment or if it is a second or more generation product of self replication that occurs in the body.

In later years it was apparent to me that the bizarre nature of my Morgellons findings were unnatural and likely from a man-made source. It was not a pleasant journey as I began to "wake up" to what was happening in this altered reality. Much to my dismay, all roads carried me to the same conclusion and still do.

The pathogens in my body came from a bio-lab and have the hand of man written all over them. It occurred to me that if these pathogens were being bioengineered in a lab that they were made of multiple components and that the mutated material might reproduce and intermittently send out a batch of identifiable debris much like the original genetics. I call this type of debris “throwbacks”.

The multi-component part of my theory has proven to be true.

See my paper entitled:

"Revelations From a Man Who Helped Design Morgellons Disease"

(RE: Dr Gwen Scott and her admissions from a government scientist)

It is my theory that when new life forms or designer diseases are created in bio-labs using the processes of gene splicing, mutation, bioengineering or nanotechnology that components of these mixtures can self replicate with varied results.

Components such as dictyolstelium discoidium, insect genes, and other pathogens will continue to make some new mutations in each generation of self replication. I believe that some of these mutations "throw back" to expressions similar to the original materials used in the lab created mixture.

Specimens from Morgellons disease tissue can sometimes be identified as nearly identical to the original components used in this biological witches brew before the mutation process. It is not unlike finding a child with flaming red hair in a family of people who do not have this characteristic. Hopefully the previous ancestral hair colors of past generations were known to the parents since situations like this can lead to being a guest on The Maury Povich (Who my Baby Daddy?) DNA Testing Show. If only gene identification for Morgellons disease was this easy.

The information in this paper is only my personal theory but it is the best explanation I can find to make sense of all of the strange artifacts that come from people with Morgellons disease. It is also why I think that some of these strange findings occur most frequently in the early phases of the disease and do not repeat as often in later years of the disease.

I will later discuss a strange cellular slime mold known as dictyostelium discoidium. It is all about using the genetic characteristics of this cellular slime mold to produce mutations in a bio-lab. I believe it is one of many parts of the Morgellons story.

Most of my “throwback” findings only appeared in the beginning of the disease when I had multiple lesions and things were at their worst. That was about 7 years ago. I had tentatively identified some of the debris as members of 3 varieties of the Oomycota phylum of pseudo fungus. There are over 500 varieties and many of them can have ill effects of humans, animals and plants.

The varieties of oomycota can produce diseases like pythiosis, lagenidosis, rhinosporidosis, downy mildew, blue tobacco mold, the fish disease saprolegnia (Ich) and the infamous phytophthora infestans that had killed millions in the Irish Potato Famine by blighting the spuds.

I had also found bizarre mutations of earthworms and other material that looked like dictyostelium discoidium. The reason that the dictyostelium discoidium is important is because this cellular slime mold has unique properties that lend itself to mutating other substances. These eukaryotic microorganisms have a simplistic genetic makeup and produces what are know as chemotaxis. Dictyostelium is utilized in many labs to specifically mutate other material. Dictyostelium has an amoeba form along with many other stages of varied shapes and configurations as the individual cells emerge into groupings that look like larger single entities.

“Dictyostelium amoebae grow as separate, independent cells but interact to form multicellular structures when challenged by adverse conditions such as starvation. Up to 100,000 cells signal each other by releasing the chemoattractant cAMP and aggregate together by chemotaxis to form a mound that is surrounded by an extracellular matrix. Processes depend on cell-cell communication in Dictyostelium. Many of the underlying molecular and cellular processes appear to have arisen in primitive precursor cells and to have remained fundamentally unchanged throughout evolution. Basic processes of development such as differential cell sorting, pattern formation, stimulus-induced gene expression, and cell-type regulation are common to Dictyostelium. It is used in gene research as well as other uses” (

Even if you have never before heard of dictyostelium discoidium you may be quite impressed to go to this huge website that is well funded and part of the Human Genome Project and NIH. This cellular slime mold is a major player in many aspects of medicine and cell research. It is a good bit of information to have for future reference. I encourage everyone to take a look at photos and videos of this substance at

To watch these little amoeba squirm and aggregate watch video here: It may have an eerie familiarity to Morgellons victims.

The many configurations of Dictyostelium:

Each shape is comprised of hundreds to thousands of single motile amoeba cells acting in unison to form each of these configurations.

Take a good look at the photos below. There is a definite presence of Dictyostelium in the tissue from Morgellons victims. This can only mean that our disease is man made in a bio-lab. The pathogens we have are no doubt a mixture of the Dictyostelium and other pathogens that were purposely mutated with it for a deliberate purpose.

Fort the rest of this article see

The Throwback Collection of Morgellons Specimens

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