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Monday, July 23, 2018

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Peak Oil Scam Exposed - Again (Mike Ruppert Too)  (continued)

Peak Oil Scam Exposed  -  Again (Mike Ruppert Too) This is a theory put forth by 18th century scientists.

Within 50 years, Germany and France's scientists had attacked the theory of petroleum's biological roots. In fact, oil is abiotic, not the product of long decayed biological matter.

And oil, for better or for worse, is not a non-renewable resource. It, like coal, and natural gas, replenishes from sources within the mantle of earth. This is the real and true science of oil. Read all about it.

In fact, working in the 1950s, Russian and Ukrainian scientists, cut off from the Western World's oil supply, applied their keen minds to the problem and, by the 1960s, had thoroughly demolished the idea of oil as a 'fossil fuel,'

Is it any wonder then that Russia is one of if not the leading producers and exporters of oil. The isolation of the Cold War forced Russia to dig deeper, literally, to find oil deeper in the earth in some places, and to look in other places where no one had thought to look to reveal more.

This while America feels incumbent upon itself, since it claims oil production and discovery has peaked and will fade to nothing in several decades, that America's feels it must make war to take other people's oil: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, the Caspian Basin, Sudan, etcetera.

And to others who have oil, it must either rattle its saber, as with Venezuela, threaten to kill its president who will not buckle and sell all his oil to America. And with the Saudis we will protect them from their own terrorists and any Saddam that comes along. And we will get in bed with them so long as we can have the lion's share of heir oil, and the say-so as to who gets the rest. And therein lays the evil genius, secret and sham of the 'Peak Oil' put on.

If oil, as coal, and natural gas, restores itself by nature, if we will more likely run into it then out of it, how do we continue to make money on it? Certainly not by giving oil away at some reasonable price. After World War II, oil was about 25 cents a gallon at the pump. Even given the spiraling inflation since then—last week I paid $3.50 a gallon for it in New York City, 14 times that price.

A week after the summer holiday season ended (the peak usage season), oil is down to $3 a gallon. I doubt if I'm the only one who notices oil's price shoot up every summer, then slither down a bit after, and then climb up in the middle of the winter when the heating bills waft in, and old and poor people who can't afford the hikes begin to freeze and die in their own homes.

Someone is shilling for the American petro-brokers, because 'Peak Oil' is a wonderful concept to use to go out and war for "the control" of oil resources. So that a barrel of crude can suddenly jump from $20 to $70 to $100 a barrel, or to two, three or four hundred dollars a barrel, therefore providing exponentially expanding profits for oil companies and oil suppliers who relish the idea of having an "inelastic demand" for their gasoline. 'Peak Oil,' as writer Dave McGowan points out in his priceless Newsletters, which you can find at, ムPeak Oilメ will even drive oil companies like Shell, to attempt to shut down an incredibly profitable facility, like the one it owns in Bakersfield, California,.

This Bakersfield facility, like others in California, runs along the San Andreas fault line, which abounds along its route through the state with rich crude oil and natural gas fields, products of seepage from the earth's mantle, from the tectonic plates, as Dave would say, 'passing gas' and rumbling as they move. In fact, oil and the family of hydrocarbons are often found at volcanoes and fault lines, as they are in deserts, watery gulfs, and sea basins. Let's demystify it all.

The real reason a company like Shell Oil would close a facility like Bakersfield—to bulldoze it, stop it—is to halt the production, refining, and supply to drive up the price of oil.

It's that goddamn simple and ugly. And we're doing the same thing today in Iraq, bulldozing a country, to control and reduce its oil supply. Never mind supplying a botched democracy that we can't even supply for ourselves in America.

Concurrently, we are also bringing apocalypse to its population, thinning it with more than 100,000 dead, tearing its infrastructure apart, water, sewage, power, media, hospitals, name it. We are decentralizing Iraq's cities, driving people out of them or out of the country, or bombing them back to the Stone Age as our generals are so found of saying.

And Iraq, like Afghanistan, is the paradigm of the future, of how we will engulf and devour countries, cities, even our own, like New Orleans for instance, whose Gulf is a rich source of oil, and through whose ports pass a large percentage of our nation's supply.

The U.S. political henchmen are thinning the Iraq population to fatten the profits of the oil barons like David Rockefeller. In McGowan's own inimical words, from page three of another Newsletter:

THE ROCKEFELLER CORPORATE OIL MAJORS should be thrown into jail for selling fraudulently priced items as well as cheating on generations of their corporate taxes (due to tax write off 'depletion allowances,' which they knew were lies. This abiotic oil story is perhaps the largest underground ((no pun intended)) scam story of the past 200 years: an ongoing corporate success of pricing abiotic renewable oil to act out an artificial scarcity, combined with all the related ideologies required to sell that motif of artificial scarcity, and all the millions they have made and still make on the fraud, and all the tax dollars they have, stolen, etc."

In this concept of 'Peak Oil' you have the system's secret to hold the world hostage. Not that we shouldn't take care to not overuse oil, not that we should avoid conservation, or even to stop poking the planet, and actually seek purely organic ways in which to live.

But now, now that we are here, and have billions of people to sustain, we must not let vast numbers of them be harmed, murdered, abused, because of feigned shortages, economies overturned by outrageous prices, everyday working people be bankrupted by same, to get to work, to warm their homes, to cook their families' food, to participate in an organized society. We must not make the beasts, the Bilderbergers, the elites, the oligarchs use the 'Peak Oil' lever to bend the backs of the world on its wrack.

Believing in 'Peak Oil' is not a price to pay to avoid the price of drilling for oil in new ways, for setting fair and unwavering commodity prices. The cost of blood and lives and the future of nations are too much to pay for the folly of 'Peak Oil.' In fact, realizing that oil is a self-renewing resource puts the neocon agenda into a new perspective.

Instead of seeing 'Peak Oil' as the end days of technological civilization literally losing its power, see this idea as the further manipulation towards fascist power and subjugation that it is: still another way to scare the world into believing its resources are terminally finite, and that we must be led into another and another war that must be waged to survive.

If we do not accept the lie, the manipulation of 'Peak Oil," it is not to say we can't devise new systems to bring life and the world forward. It is only to put the petroleum barons on notice. It then gives us a chance to bring people together, to tear away the false scarcity, to share resources, to experience peace, to alleviate poverty with the abundance of renewable hydrocarbon resources, as with the abundance of the human imagination.

Or else we end up with another Ruppert rubric, "Sizing Up the Competitionラ Is China the Endgame?", another piece of priceless paranoia to peddle for perdition, another dark ops for a bright new generation of believers. More war, endless war it is, to enrich the already rich, to impoverish the already poor.

Do not let this happen, even in the short run. As reported by the Energy Information Administration, International Energy Agency, files: "THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF OIL."

"Before hurricane Katrina reached the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, most oil companies had taken the precautionary measure of evacuating their 30,000 offshore employees and shuttering their platforms and oil rigs. Therefore, it was not a surprise that on Aug. 30, some 95% of the Gulf's production of 1.5 million barrels of oil per day was 'shut.' By Sept. 6, that figure had dropped to 58%, with close to half of the oil production capacity having been restored.

"On Sept. 2, the 26-nation International Energy Agency agreed to make Available to the U.S., 2 million barrels of oil per day, half petroleum and half gasoline. In other words, when the gasoline shipments start arriving from Europe in the next week or so, along with the 1 million barrels per day from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which are being released under IEA guidelines, the U.S. will be swimming in oil."

And then there's this from the LaRouche Executive Intelligence Report News Service: "When Sen. Byron Dorgan (ND-N.D.) introduced his Windfall Profits Act on Sept. 7, he estimated that the major oil companies were stealing $7 billion more per month in profits than they had been 18 months ago. There is no shortage of oil." Again from EIRNS:

"THE HOUSE OF WINDSOR-PIVOTED OIL CARTEL IS POISED TO CARRY ON ITS GLOBAL LOOTING OPERATION BY PUSHING THE PRICE OF OIL ON THROUGH $70 PER BARREL. Key to this is that the oil cartel controls all the critical facets of the industry, as a single integrated system: (1) in the U.S., the oil production system (aside from the imports); (2) the oil refinery network; (3) the oil distribution network; and (4) international, the oil derivatives market. It extracts a margin of $40 per barrel of petroleum in pure theft to try to bail out the bankrupt world financial-monetary system."

From the Observer, 9/11/05: THE OBSERVER OF LONDON DESCRIBED KATRINA AS HALLIBURTON'S "PERFECT STORM." Halliburton stock has risen 10% since Katrina on expectation of "Iraq-style" contracts—no-bid, cost-plus bonanzas. The Observer notes that Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), who leads the fight against the massive corruption by Halliburtn and other Bush/Cheney cronies in Iraq, is 'keeping a very close eye' on the contracts now being put together for Katrina reconstruction.

The Observer also notes that Joe Allbaugh, Bush's first FEMA chief and now a lobbyist in D.C., with Halliburton's KBR as a client, is known as the "Karl Rove" of contracting."

And on and on it goes. And thanks to men of good will like Dave McGowan, Lyndon LaRouche, geologist Thomas J. Brown, and many others, for their knowledge, their courage, and their guiding light. Let us follow wherever it shines, far from the "Peak Oil' precipice to a level playing field for humanity. We have nothing to lose but our shortages.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer residing in New York. Reach him at


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