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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Drugging America  (continued)

Drugging America

Operation Tailwind--as described to the author by people involved.

CIA drug smuggling during the past 50 years and the cover-ups by people in the three branches of government and by media people.

CIA looting of savings and loans, bankruptcy court assets, and other financial frauds.

Widespread corruption by judges and lawyers in the bankruptcy courts.

Details of secret CIA airlines--including description to the author by former head of one of these CIA airline proprietaries.

CIA-DEA role in Pam Am Flight 103 bombing, and the cover-ups by DOJ and other government personnel.

Complicity by lawyers and judges in various forms of corrupt activities against the United States.

Smuggling of suitcase nuclear bombs, and Justice Department sabotage of insider revealing this information.

The matters detailed in this book are of greater importance today than before 9/11. They certainly are inflicting greater harm on more Americans than any foreign terrorists.

Free Download of Segment of this book at

Partial download of Defrauding America, Volume One, available for no charge. The download is free. However, if you can make donation to help pay for the downloading costs, this will be appreciated. Suggest making a donation to the following PayPal account; even a dollar will help to pay for the cost of the free download facility. Or mail the donation to Donations, POB 5, Alamo, CA 94507.

Defrauding America, 4th ed. Volume One ($25.00) soft cover
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Defrauding America, 4th ed. Volume Two ($25.00) soft cover.
Order this print book, Volume Two, from Defrauding America, 4th Ed. Volume Two


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