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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Satanic Abuse Allegations Rock Mormon Church  (continued)

She claimed she was raped by Monson.

"A pregnancy resulted, and her baby was taken from her at the basement of the Salt Lake Temple.... She was being filmed, both her and another woman who had also been molested by Monson.... Both had undergone years of couselling.

"Then, there was a trip afterwards to the smeltering places up in the Avenues of Salt Lake City where ritulistic Satanic rites took place...

"I could talk about what we saw and the darkness that surrounded that place.... (Name redacted) knows personally about this Chinese man, who was wealthy and as I remember, a PH.D or medical doctor? Again I apologize for the scratchy details. Reliving some of these things is at best difficult. Hope all is well. Susan"


"Paul, I touched a little on the sexual harrassment of Mission President (then Hyrum 6th ward bishop) Gary Sorenson. He and his wife Elayne are now serving again in the capacity of mission president/wife over the Greek Mission...

"After losing a lot of sleep, I realize that I want to expose the things that I have personally witnessed, no matter what it cost me... I now realize that in 1989 when the the bishop called me into his office late at night, and the ensuing nightmare that occurred there (he requested sex).

"My real problems began as tried to tell my former husband what had transpired... so very naive... when I went to the current Stake President, Grant Norman, things worsened.

"I didn't take into account that Gary Sorenson and Grant Norman were hunting buddies and in a business partnership ... one can get into trouble being without guile....

"Since then I have tried to get into the criminal mind, and I can now understand the things I experienced through the hands of several church officials.

"Three men in Cache Valley, Utah stated they believed me. One from Mt. Stering, Utah was convicted and sent to prison for being an alleged Pedophile... The other 2 weren't willing to go before other leaders because they felt they were up against too much.

"Cache Valley Utah is very ripe in ritualistic satanic worship. One of the key players is Dr. Newell Daines, and once Logan Temple President Miller. It amazes one that all the key players eventually become quite wealthy....

"I really admire the work you are doing Paul.... Susan


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