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Sunday, April 22, 2018

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Sniper Redux  (continued)
    by MARK OWEN

Sniper Redux

Curiously, John Williams/Muhammad also served in the Oregon National Guard during this very same time period, as per the Army National Guard website.

Muhammad spent all of his adult life in the army and was a much-decorated veteran of the Gulf War, not unlike Timothy Mcveigh.

Muhammad and Mcveigh are far from being alone as ex-military killers.

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer had military training in Texas and Alabama.

David Berkowitz was an army veteran and Charles Whitman was a former marine.

Whitman killed 16 people and wounded 31 others from an Austin clock tower in 1961.

Outré author Bill Lyne (Space Aliens from the Pentagon) declares that Whitman was stationed at Atsugi Air Base in Japan along with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Arthur Shawcross, who killed 12 people, was a Viet Nam veteran.

WWII vet Howard Unruh shot 13 people to death in his New Jersey neighborhood in 1949.

And as if to cap off the sniper shootings, another Gulf War veteran, Charles Flores Jr. shot up the University of Arizona on October 29th killing 3 professors before turning the gun on himself.

And let us not forget the startling news of the four Special Forces soldiers returning from Afghanistan to Ft. Bragg this past summer only to murder their spouses…

David Grossman wouldn’t be surprised in the least by news of the preceding. Grossman is a former US military psychologist who helped develop programs to train new recruits to become more effective killers. He claims that the key lies in breaking down the natural human aversion to taking a life. He refers to this process as ‘disengagement.’

Apparently, once this aversion is removed, it never comes back.

“The ability to watch a human being’s head explode and to do it again and again—that takes a kind of desensitization to human suffering that has to be learned,” Mr. Grossman declared (Globe & Mail 10.28.02).

In a tale straight out of Ripleys, the LA Times of 10.26.02 reported that Muhammad once kidnapped his own child, amazingly, a boy named Lindbergh.

After a court battle to get the boy back, ex-wife Mildred shortly thereafter relocated to the town of Clinton.

In yet another bizarre twist, it turns out that Mildred is currently employed in John Ashcroft’s Justice Department.

Lindbergh and several other family members appeared on Larry King on Tuesday, October 29th. The comment of the evening belonged to nephew Edward Williams Jr. who declared that his uncle had received ‘counselling’ after the Gulf War.

‘Keeper of the Keys’ King stared at the lad for several seconds before moving on to more mundane matters, refusing to open up this potential can of worms.

On 10.25.02 Newhouse News Services reported that Muhammad may be suffering from Gulf War Syndrome. Of the 540,000 soldiers who served in Desert Storm approximately 175,000 are suffering from some form of the illness.

Los Angeles psychiatrist and neurologist Dr. William E. Baumzweiger, who specializes in treating army personnel, said that a significant number of Gulf War vets become homicidal because of the syndrome.

The car used by the snipers, a 1990 Caprice, was a patrol car formerly owned by the Bordentown, New Jersey Police Department.

Upon capture, it was found to contain a Sony laptop, a pair of two-way radios, a GPS system, a pair of shooting mittens(?), a gallon jug of ‘yellow liquid’ and the Bushmaster rifle.

Oddly, officers didn’t discover the heavy and bulky Bushmaster until after the car had been removed from the reststop on I-70, loaded into a special truck and brought to an ATF lab in Rockville, Maryland (LA Times 10.30.02).

Conveniently placed on the hood of the car while Malvo and Muhammad were napping and apparently waiting for the police to show up was a wallet containing drivers licenses in several different names, but all bearing Muhammad’s photograph.

Tracing the gun has been somewhat problematic for the FBI and its story could take up several pages in itself.

Muhammad purchased the Bushmaster from Bull’s Eye Shooter Supply in Tacoma which is located near Ft. Lewis. The shop is owned by a former US Army sniper instructor named Brian Borgelt.

Muhammad concluded his tour of duty at Ft. Lewis, which oddly enough, happens to have a sniper training program.

And then there’s the troubling fact that Muhammad actually sold the Bushmaster back to Borgelt several months after purchasing it.

In an ATF audit of just a couple of years ago, Borgelt was unable to account for 140 guns. At the start of the current audit the ATF said that 340 guns were missing. But ATF spokeswoman Martha Tebbenkamp now says that the original figure is incorrect. However, she refused to say if the corrected number is higher or lower than the 340 figure.

The 10.30.02 LA Times also reported that while Muhammad was in Antigua on one of his many trips, he applied for a government job and claimed to have attended a Special Forces sniper school in the US and to have taught urban warfare there.

Although the Antiguan government says that they issued him a passport in July 2000, they also claim that the first record they have of Muhammad entering the country is in May 2001. His three children attend an exclusive private school there.

At the mission in Seattle where he sometimes stayed, Muhammad regularly received phone calls from a travel agent. He would often fly at a moments notice to the Caribbean or to ski trips to Denver and Salt Lake City.

Rev. Alan Archer who runs the Lighthouse Mission was amazed at all of the calls coming through for Muhammad (Independent Online 10.28.02).

Muhammad also frequented a Bellingham bar called the Waterfront Tavern. It turns out that this very tavern was also the favored wateringhole of serial killers Kenneth Bianchi (the Hillside Strangler) and Ted Bundy.

On October 14 the sniper claimed his eleventh victim, a woman named Linda Franklin.

CNN described her as an ‘intelligence operations specialist with the FBI.’ The very next day the New York Times ran a front page bio of Franklin omitting nothing save her job description. One wonders if she could have been the target of a hit, someone who could be written off as just another random victim. Did Franklin know something detrimental to Bush & Co imlementing their New World Order schemes?

Recall that during the Waco massacre, four former Clinton bodyguards were eliminated. During the melee, the four, then ATF agents, scaled a roof to access the second floor of the Branch Davidian compound.

Three entered a room through a window and shortly thereafter the fourth agent sprayed the room with machine gun fire and then lobbed a concussion grenade through the window. He himself was then fired upon from a helicopter and from agents on the ground below (see Linda Thompson’s video ‘Waco: The bIg Lie’ for more astonishing details).

But perhaps the most astounding twist in the case was the apprehension on October 14th of Baltimore resident Michael Swift.

Swift, an ex-marine, was seen driving erratically around town in a white van. When police pulled him over and searched the van they found a rifle, a sniper manual, the same ammo used by the sniper, a note on the dashboard reading ‘Jihad in America,’ and most interestingly of all, a pack of Tarot cards.

Swift was held briefly and let go while Montgomery County police spokeswoman Louise Marthens declared that it was all just a big coincidence. This AP item only surfaced in one newspaper, The Baltimore Sun, before quickly disappearing into the Orwellian memory hole.

Another item of interest was contained in a page I downloaded on October 11th courtesy of the enigmatic Internet oracle known only as ‘Sollog.’

On that day, while all of the expert FBI profilers were telling CNN and Larry King and anyone else who’d listen that to trace the sniper they would have to look for a disaffected and disgruntled 25 year old white kid, Sollog declared that the sniper would be a “special operations soldier working for the US government…who wants to take away guns from US citizens.” He also pointed out that if one connected the locations on a map of the first five murders, a perfect upside down cross would be formed (for a more fascinating and indepth treatment on the more occult aspects of the sniper shootings go to the site of Michael Hoffman at

Mr. Hoffman has been decoding the midnight cant language of the arch-magicians for many years and his sophisticated insights into the latest ‘Theater of Death’ perpetrated on ‘we the sheeple’ are non pareil).

The assortment of odd correlations surrounding John Williams/Muhammad should give anyone pause as they fairly reek of intelligence agency covert operations.

John Muhammad is only the latest in a series of mind-bombed patsies carrying out his marching orders for the secret government. And the alchemical processing of humanity along Luciferian lines continues apace...

Author Mark Owen can be contacted at

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