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Monday, September 24, 2018

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Richard Hamlin Vs. Satanic Ritual Abuse Conspiracy  (continued)

Richard Hamlin Vs. Satanic Ritual Abuse Conspiracy

According to Bay Area journalist Virginia McCullough, who has written extensively about the case on, a report was filed by El Dorado County Sheriff's Deputy G. Murphy who stated that "Husband & wife reported wife committing lewd actions with 3 of their 4 children and wife conspiring with satanic cult to murder her husband. Wife interviewed & children placed into Protective Custody with CPS. Forward to Detectives for follow-up investigation."

The initial report reads:
"2-26-04, Tuesday, 1535 Hrs -- I was dispatched to take a 288 lobby report. On arrival in the lobby, I met Richard Hamlin and his wife Susan. They made the following report regarding Susan molesting their children and being involved in a conspiracy to murder Richard this Sunday (2-29-04) night at midnight. Detectives Hoagland and Lensing were present during the interview.

"Susan originally told me that she is a Satanist and has ritually molested their 4 children... under the instruction of her father (Sidney Siemer). Susan said her family is involved in a satanic cult and that her father raped her when she was a young girl and "passed her around to whoever else wanted to rape her." She said H-male who is a friend of her father and is a high priest in the satanic cult has molested her since age 15. Susan said she last spoke with H-male in October of 2003.

Richard said his wife Susan told him that her dad Sidney, H-male, R-male and R-male had planned to murder him on this Sunday night (2-29-04) at midnight at their house on 3340 Beatty Drive, El Dorado Hills. Richard said the plan was for Susan to leave their house on Sunday night with their 4 children by 2100 hours. Sidney would have some associates stage a diversion in the backyard to draw Richard out of his house. Sidney, H-male, R-male and R-male would break Richard's car window, use his garage door remote to gain entry to the house and wait for Richard to come back inside the house to murder him.

Susan said this statement was correct and that her father Sidney and H-male had planned for the last 2 years to kill Richard at midnight going into March 1st. She also said that L-female told her that they had sent 2 Satanist ladies to the Hamlins' house in the disguise of Jehovah's Witnesses on the day he (Richard Hamlin) had an accidental shooting (2-5-04/case #04-1516). Those ladies were supposed to be checking on Susan since Susan's phone was disconnected and she had not had contact with them for the previous year and a half. Susan said she believed that her father and the others would get weapons from her brother but did not know this for sure.

Susan said March 21st in an installation date for Satanists. She said March 1st is 3 weeks prior to March 21st and is a starting or launching date for March 21st. This year (2004) is even more important since it's a leap year. Susan decided she would go along with the murder of her husband Richard so that she could become High Priestess. She said H-male is the High Priest in the cult.

Susan said Richard has been identified as "a Christian with a mission" and "must be eliminated " and that if Richard is allowed to live, he would cause problems for the Satanists. Susan said that Richard "won't go away," is a Christian with strong convictions and "has become a trophy head." She said "it would be a great victory for Satan if Richard is killed." Susan said that simply divorcing Richard (as opposed to killing him) was not an option for her if she was to prove her worthiness as a High Priestess.

Susan said she was supposed to speak with L-female at the Starbucks parking lot on Douglas Blvd. in Granite Bay 2 days ago (2-22-04) regarding the murder plot because Susan's loyalty was in question. She said L-female owns a blue Lexus and a red one. On arrival, Susan saw a red Lexus that looked like L-female's parked in Starbucks' parking lot. As Susan stepped out of her car, a man named "R-male punched her in her face, knocking her to the ground. R-male then kicked Susan all over her head and body. R-male told Susan "YOU BETTER STAY WITH THE PLAN IF YOU WANT TO BE HIGH PRIESTESS! STICK TO THE PLAN OR YOU'RE DEAD!' R-male then got into the red Lexus, made a U-turn and drove off. She described R-male as being a WMA, 47 years or older, some gray in his short hair and about 5"10".

Susan was bleeding from her nose. She didn't have a cell phone so she didn't call anyone. She sat there for a while because she was worried about going home and having to explain this to her husband Richard.

After about 20 minutes to an hour, Susan went home. Richard was asking questions about her injuries and what had happened. Susan hadn't told Richard about the murder plot until then. Rich then wanted to know all the details about the murder plot and her life during the past 20 years they had been married until he decided he had complete information. This process took 4 days since they knew "this story had a lot of crazy information" and "would sound ridiculous." They then decided to report this to the EDSO (El Dorado Sheriff's Office).

Susan said she molested three of their children 5-10 times each in El Dorado County between October 1999 and October of 2002. She said the kids were all asleep during each incident and did not wake up... She explained that 'THIS WAS TO KEEP THE KIDS COMFORTABLE WITH TOUCHING AND TO KEEP THE KIDS FROM THINKING THEIR SEXUALITY WAS THEIR OWN. THE KIDS HAD TO BE TOUCHED BY MANY HANDS'.................. She said she "THOUGHT SHE WAS BEING A GOOD MOM." When I asked what she meant by that, Susan explained that her father had taught her that was what a good Satanist mom was supposed to do.

She said the kids were "in a trance, a hypnotic state" whenever she did any of these molesting incidents. Susan said that her dad Sidney, her step mom and sister all molested her kids.

Susan also told us she witnessed a young girl being killed in 1982 while H-male was disciplining her (Susan). Susan was "strung up on a pegboard for 3 weeks." She said H-male killed a young girl who had been kidnapped. Susan was kept in cold storage and brought out twice to witness the murder. Susan said H-male and the others broke the young girl's bones and tied her in different shapes. Susan said the girl was alive when the torture started. Susan described the girl as being 9 or 10 years old and having dark hair. Susan didn't know who the girl was but said the torture and murder was filmed.

Detectives Hoagland, Lensing and I then re-interviewed Susan alone while tape recording the interview (item #2). Susan waived her Miranda Rights and again made the same statement and confession during questioning. I confirmed with Susan that the bruising on her face, throat and ears was from the beating that R-male had given her during their encounter at Starbucks in Granite Bay. I took photos of those injuries (item #1).

Based on Susan's and Richard's information, Detective Hoagland, Detective Lensing and I (G. Murphy) decided not to arrest Susan, pending further investigation. I advised Richard and Susan that their children had been placed into Protective Custody with CPS and gave them CPS' phone #. Both were advised that they were free to go and that Detectives would be continuing the investigation.

I booked the photos and film into EDSD Property as evidence. I ran all of the names Susan had given us to develop more complete address information for Detectives on follow-up investigation. Case forwarded to Detectives for follow-up investigation of the murder conspiracy and interviews of the Hamlin children. I notified CPS Worker Kate Campbell of the case # and she advised she would pick up a report copy from Records on Monday for her CPS investigation.

According to Virginia McCullough, "Two days later following her husband's arrest on February 28, 2004 and with the children still in protective custody, Susan Hamlin retracted her original statements to the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department."

"Individuals who wish to remain unidentified have said that Dr. Sid Siemer is a high ranking member of a CIA sanctioned child molestation ring called 'The Finders' and also a senior member of the Order of the Trapezoid, consisting of worshippers of the Temple of Set," writes McCullough. "Members of both groups have indicated that they consider themselves a type of royalty operating above the laws of man."

McCullough also notes "Richard Hamlin made a verbal request of Judge Keller to bring self described CIA asset Michael Riconosciuto to the Placerville courtroom to testify as a defense witness. On November 15, 2004 Riconosciuto had written a letter to his attorney is which he said: I have received letters from Ted's (Gunderson) client Richard Hamlin. When TLG (Ted L. Gunderson) first began writing to me about the case with his client and client's father-in-law Sid Seimer (sic) , I was horrified........I know Sid Seimer (sic) from the Wackenhut/Cabazon operation. Sid was close to J. P. Nichols and Wayne Reeder. My reaction to the allegations of Sid's cult involvement was one of horror because of how powerful he is in military and intelligence circles... Sid is at the top in the cult scene on the international level! This guy is extremely dangerous. Sid is a expert in plant biology and epizoology. He was directly involved with the Wackenhut/Cabazon operations biowarfare work with DARPA and the University of California."

Susan Hamlin had also written a note to her friend Lisa

"As you now know, I couldn't go through with our plan to take Rick down to Fresno to have his killed. The truth is that I want to be with him exclusively. I want to be totally committed to him and to Christ. My involvement in the past with incest and prostitution was under my dad's control originally - but was engaged in on a "choice" level as I got older. I have always struggled with where my allegiance was. I don't know what your feelings have been over the years related to the satanic beliefs and the prostitution you have been involved in.

"My marriage was entered into by me knowing that Rick was a Christian who stands up for what he believes in. I planned to use him to get back at Sid. Rick never knew any of this - and loved me in spite of all that I have done to him over the years.

"Finally, at 47, I choose to reject Satan, reject Sid, and reject all the lies and commit the rest of my life to Christ, Rick, my children and set on a path to right the wrongs I've done."

Will the Satanists be successful in railroading Richard Hamlin in his trial in Placerville, California?

Journalist Virginia McCullough calls the Richard Hamlin trial the "best conspiracy litigation in California."

(For Ms. McCullough's articles, click on Richard Hamlin Trial,hamlin,trial,2,9,05.htm)

* URI DOWBENKO is the author of "Bushwhacked: Inside Stories of True Conspiracy" and "Hoodwinked: Watching Movies with Eyes Wide Open." He can be reached at His website is UriDowbenko.Com For more information on Dowbenko's articles and samples of chapters from his books Bushwhacked & Hoodwinked"

(Dowbenko's book "Bushwhacked" includes a chapter called "Mind Control for the New World Order")

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