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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Mind Control Victim Awarded $1 Million  (continued)

Mind Control Victim Awarded $1 Million

"He [Bonacci] has suffered burns, broken fingers, beatings of the
head and face and other indignities by the wrongful actions of the
defendant King," the judge declared. "In addition to the misery of
going through the experiences just related over a period of eight
years [1980-1988], the plaintiff has suffered the lingering results
to the present time. "He [Bonacci] is a victim of multiple
personality disorder, involving as many as 14 distinct
personalities aside from his primary personality," wrote the judge.

"He has given up a desired military career and received threats on
his life. He suffers from sleeplessness, has bad dreams, has
difficulty holding a job, is fearful that others are following him,
fears getting killed, has depressing flashbacks, and is verbally
violent on occasion, all in connection with the multiple
personality disorder and caused by the wrongful activities of the
defendant King."

Franklin Coverup

Bonacci's lawyer, John DeCamp, has waged a long, lonely and
expensive legal campaign in exposing crimes involving an
international pedophile-pornography ring.

In 1991, DeCamp filed a 12-count suit in federal court, charging 16
prominent individuals and institutions, including Lawrence E. King,
Omaha World Herald Publisher Harold Andersen and the Omaha Police
Department with conspiracy to deprive Paul Bonacci of his civil
rights. DeCamp's suit detailed slander, false imprisonment, child
abuse, assault, battery and infliction of emotional distress
suffered by Bonacci.

The complex case also involved high-level politicians, business
leaders, judges and police officials with connections to the drug
distribution/money laundering operations known as "Iran"-Contra
which goes back to then Vice-President George Bush. DeCamp, a
former Nebraska State Senator, even wrote a groundbreaking book
about the sordid history of the case called The Franklin Cover-Up:
Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska.

Monarch Project

The horrendous Monarch Project "refers to young people in America
who were victims of mind control experiments run either by U.S.
government agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency or
military intelligence agencies," writes DeCamp. "The story told by
Monarch victims--one of whom was Paul Bonacci--is that they were
tortured for the purpose of creating 'multiple personalities'
within them," DeCamp continues from his book. "These multiple
personalities could then be programmed--as spies, 'drug mules,'
prostitutes or assassins."

An article by Anton Chaitkin, quoted in the book, states that
"professionals probing the child victims of 'Monarch' say there are
clearly two responsible elements at work: the government/military,
and cooperating satanic (or more exactly pagan) cults. These are
multi-generation groups, whose parents donate their own
children--who are proudly called 'bloodline' or simply 'blood'
cultists--to be smashed with drugs and electric shock and shaped.
Other children are kidnapped and sold into this hell, or are
brought in gradually through day care situations.

"Paul Bonacci and other child victims have given evidence in great
depth on the central role of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino in this
depravity," continues Chaitkin. "Aquino, alleged to have recently
retired from an active military role, was long the leader of an
Army psychological warfare section which drew on his 'expertise'
and personal practices in brainwashing, Satanism, Nazism,
homosexual pedophilia and murder." DeCamp's victory in court and
the million dollar judgement is a vindication of mind control
survivors Paul Bonacci, Alisha Owens and others who were falsely
imprisoned to keep them from testifying against their abusers.

Police and FBI Cover-Up

According to the sworn testimony of Noreen Gosch, an activist on
behalf of "Missing Children," whose own 12-year-old son Johnny, a
West Des Moines, Iowa paperboy kidnapped in 1991, was drugged and
sold into prostitution and pornography. "There was no law on the
books in Iowa or most any other state in the country specifying
that the police would have to act sooner than 72 hours-even though
we had five witnesses that could describe the car, the man and
various details of the kidnapping. So I wrote the first piece of
legislation which became the Johnny Gosch Bill.

Gosch also alleges that the FBI were active in quashing a TV
expose. "Just prior to the 'America's Most Wanted' story going on
the air...within a week or two of airtime, the FBI in Quantico,
Virg. contacted 'America's Most Wanted' and told them to kill the
story," Gosch continued. They did not want the Johnny Gosch story
broadcast," she says. The only reason the story went on is because
John Walsh is a personal friend, and he stood up to them, and he
said this story goes. This woman does not lie. I've known her for
years. We're going with the story. You can fire me afterwards.
We're doing the story.

And they did the story. But the FBI tried to kill this story."

When DeCamp, the attorney, asked her if she knew why, she replied,
"Well, of course. It would have opened up the biggest scandal in
the United States, bigger than the Iran-Contra story. Bigger than
President Clinton's infidelities."

The Satanic-Military MK-Ultra Mind Control Connection

Continuing her sworn testimony, Noreen Gosch spoke about "the MK-Ultra program developed in the 1950s by the CIA. It was used to help spy on other countries during the Cold War because they felt that the other countries were spying on us.
It was very successful.

"...Then there was a man by the name of Michael Aquino. He was in
the military. He had top Pentagon clearance. He was a Satanist.
He's founded the Temple of Set. And he was also a very close friend
of Anton LaVey [the late founder of the Church of Satan].

The two of them were very active in ritualistic sexual abuse. And
they deferred funding from this government program to use this
experimentation upon children where they deliberately split off the
personalities of these children into multiples, so that when
they're questioned, or put under oath, or questioned under lie
detector, that unless the operator knows how to question a multiple
personality disorder they turn up with no evidence.

"They use these kids to sexually compromise politicians or anyone
else they wish to have control of," Gosch continued. "This sounds
so far out and so bizarre. I had trouble accepting it in the
beginning myself, until I was presented with the data. We have the
proof. In black and white."

DeCamp asked her, "You known that Colonel Aquino was drummed out of
the military?" "He was," replied Gosch. "But then there were no
charges filed against him that stuck [the San Francisco Presidio
child abuse allegations]...I know that Michael Aquino has been in
Iowa. I know that Michael Aquino has been to Offutt Air Force Base
[described by numerous victims as a center of mind control-ritual
abuse]. I know that he had contact with many of these children."

Bonacci's Story

One of the most heart-rendering parts of the court transcript is
the testimony of Paul A. Bonacci, the mind control victim survivor,
on whose behalf DeCamp sued Lawrence E. King. Bonacci testifed
that King took him on many trips to Washington, D.C., Kansas City,
Chicago, Minnesota and Los Angeles, where he prostituted the
kidnapped and drugged youngster to the rich and famous--and

Bonacci said that "one person I'm not afraid to talk about because
Larry King always said him and this guy were on opposite ends of
the field because this guy was a Democrat and Larry King was a
Republican...And this guy--every time I see him on TV, my wife
knows my hatred for him...His name is Barney Frank."

When asked if he "relationships" with him, Bonacci replied, "In
Washington, D.C. And also I was sent to a house, I believe it was
in Massachusetts in Boston where I believe it was his house because
there's pictures on the wall with him and different people and
stuff, that he had met I guess, but it was in his basement.

Suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder, currently called
Dissassociative Identity Disorder (DID), Bonacci testified that as
one of his alters called Wesley, he lured Johnny Gosch into the van
when he was kidnapped.

"I went up to him, asked him [Gosch] a question," said Bonacci. "At
that point he was close enough to the car where Tony [another
kidnapper] had pulled up in the van and they pushed him in the car
and they had a rag with chloroform in the bag that they had us
stick over his face. And then put it back in the bag after he was
out...We drove several miles...we met up with a station wagon and a
van several times."

After switching vehicles and changing direction, the kidnapping of
Johnny Gosch was over.

More Chilling Memories

When the judge asked Paul Bonacci if Lawrence E. King ever sexually
abused him, he answered, "Yes, he did on numerous occasions." How
many times would you estimate, the judge then asked. "Probably a
couple of hundred. Within all of the different personalities.
Beginning at the time I was approximately 12 or 13 years old. Up
until I was about 17 or 18."

And what was his primary duty, according to directions he received
from Mr. King, asked the judge. "It depended on what was needed,"
replied Bonacci. "Most of the time it was to compromise politicians
so he could get whatever he wanted from them...If they wanted to
get something passed, through the legislature or whatever, he would
put some people that were against it in a compromising position, by
using us boys and girls." And how often was he used at these
"parties" in Washington? the judge asked.

"Kind of hard to say," replied Bonacci. "Because there were times
when there would be four or five in a night. And I hardly knew, I
didn't know most of them. But probably a couple of thousand times."
New Ramifications Since the judgement in favor of Paul Bonacci
contradicts the previous findings of the U.S. Attorney, Nebraska
Attorney General, and the entire judicial system regarding the
"Franklin Cover-Up,"

DeCamp has issued an open letter challenging the verdicts of the
last ten years of court battles regarding this case and its
principals. DeCamp wrote, "I believe that the U.S. Attorney has no
choice but to either charge the witnesses with perjury having
testified under oath in a federal court...or the U.S. Attorney has
an obligation to investigate further into the Franklin saga and
reopen matters.

"This time there are pictures [tens of thousands of pornographic
photos taken by Rusty Nelson], continues DeCamp. "This time Rusty
Nelson [King's former porno photographer] exists and testified
completely contrary to Chief Wadman's testimony under oath to the
legislature. This time Noreen Gosch validated the credibility and
story of Paul Bonacci...At a minimum some Federal or State
authority has an obligation to reopen the Alisha Owen case."

Alisha Owen, another mind control victim, was sent to prison for 15
years for refusing to recant her testimony against her abusers,
namely former Omaha Police Chief Wadman. Despite this victory, the
mind control cover-up continues-as long as Alisha Owen and others
remain in prison.

And the Monarch Program? As more and more survivors appear and give
eyewitness accounts of mind control atrocities, these outrageous
human rights abuses-the Secret Holocaust of the 20th Century-will
finally become common knowledge.


* Constantine, Alex. Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations
in America (1997); $14.95; Feral House, 2532 Lincoln Blvd., Suite
359, Venice CA 90291.

* DeCamp, John. The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism and
Murder in Nebraska (1996); $12.95; AWT, Inc., P.O. Box 85461,
Lincoln, NE 68501

* Mind Control Foundation Website:

* Sullivan, K. MK (1998) $18; K. Sullivan, Box 1328, Soddy Daisy, TN 37384.

* Taylor, Brice. Starshine: One Woman's Valiant Escape from Mind
Control (1995); Brice Taylor Trust, P.O. Box 655, Landrum, S.C. 29356.


Text of actual judgement
In the United States District Court
For the District of Nebraska

Paul A. Bonacci, Plaintiff 4:CV91-3037
Lawrence E. King, Defendant Memorandum of Decision
Filed February 22, 1999

On February 27, 1998, I found that default judgment should be
entered against the defendant Lawrence E. King in favor of the
plaintiff, Paul A. Bonacci. A trial on the issue of the damages due
the plaintiff by that defendant was had on February 5, 1999.

Two counts are alleged against the defendant: King in the
complaint. Count V alleges a conspiracy with public officers to
deprive the plaintiff of his civil rights, designed to continue to
subject the plaintiff to emotional abuse and to prevent him from
informing authorities of criminal conduct. Count VIII charges
battery, false imprisonment, infliction of emotional distress,
negligence and conspiracy to deprive the plaintiff of civil rights.
Between December 1980 and 1988, the complaint alleges, the
defendant King continually subjected the plaintiff to repeated
sexual assaults, false imprisonments, infliction of extreme
emotional distress, organized and directed satanic rituals, forced
the plaintiff to "scavenge" for children to be a part of the
defendant King's sexual abuse and pornography ring, forced the
plaintiff to engage in numerous masochistic orgies with other minor
children. The defendant King's default has made those allegations
true against him. The issue now is the relief to be granted

The now uncontradicted evidence is that the plaintiff has suffered
much. He has suffered burns, broken fingers, beating of the head
and face and other indignities by the wrongful actions of the
defendant King. In addition to the misery of going through the
experiences just related over a period of eight years, the
plaintiff has suffered the lingering results to the present time.
He is a victim of multiple personality disorder, involving as many
as fourteen distinct personalities aside from his primary
personality. He has given up a desired military career and received
threats on his life. He suffers from sleeplessness, has bad dreams,
has difficulty in holding a job, is fearful that others are
following him, fears getting killed, has depressing flashbacks, and
is verbally violent on occasion, all in connection with the
multiple personality disorder and caused by the wrongful activities
of the defendant King.

Almost certainly the defendant King has little remaining financial
resources, but a fair judgment to compensate the plaintiff is
necessary. For the sixteen years since the abuse of the plaintiff
began I conclude that a fair compensation for the damages he has
suffered is $800,000. A punitive damage award also is justified,
but the amount needs to be limited because of the small effect that
such a judgment would have on the defendant King, given his
financial condition and presence in prison. I deem the punitive
damage award of $200,000 to be adequate. Dated February 19, 1999.
By the Court /s/Warren Urborn United States Senior District Judge

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