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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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Pedophile & Child Abuse Conspiracy in Dallas   (continued)

For the past few weeks he has been extremely
frustrated with the lack of response to the AW Brown
situation from the Dallas Police Dept., and the County DA's
office. He has recently been in touch with Peter
Johnson of Justice Seekers, and sees some help coming.

Anyone who can help in this extremely volatile, and
dangerous issue, please contact Mr. Dunn. Also, please
pray for him!

Also Call Justice Seekers for more info or to make a contribution:

214-636-7267 or 214-779-3549


From: James Dunn
Date: Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 10:22 AM
Subject: Pedophilia in A. W. Brown Charter School Dallas

Dear Atty General Abbott:

I have been asked many times to write your office about atrocities
going on at the A. W. Brown Fellowship Charter School of Dallas. From pedeophiles assigned to student trips to San Antonio to a 10 year old named Kendall Johnson who had his ear pulled clean off of his head by a teacher, Danny Dillard, the atrocities are too many to name. The ear had to be surgically reattached but the incident was never reported as required by law.

There have been incidents of child abuse at this school too numerous to name all in this letter. From the Kendall Johnson incident to Cameron Carter being sent home with his buttocks bleeding from a beating by registrar Portia Royal, my mother, who with my father financed the school's initial phase, counted 63 incidents of abuse so henious that she worried what had she gotten herself into. She died in August of 2008 and was denied pain medication and other treatment by the school's principal and my sister, Paud Dunn Brown. I have a tape recording to prove my allegations. Paula used her medication money to buy a Mercedes CLS 550. My mother was 87 and died of terminal cancerYou should hear the audio tape that I made of my mother begging for pain medication and then telling me that my sister didn't get the prescription filled but was giving her Tylenol instead. That tape will make you cry.

I also have seceret tape recordings that will reveal rampant and
instutional TAKS cheating in order to get grants from whomever the school could get to give them a grant. This is grand larceny. Some students who worked hard to earn grant money for their schools were denied because A. W. Brown cheated. I even have an audio recording where my sister asks me to copy a field test. This is a felony. You need to hear the tape. If you heard all of my audio tapes you would conclude that A. W. Brown was a continuing criminal enterprise.

Oh, yeah, about the missing $750,000 of taxpayers money from the now defunct I Am That I AM Academy in Dallas. My brother-in-law The Revernd Armond W. Brown and his CFO James Montfort teamed with one of my brother-in-law's church members, Delores Bealle, to steal that money. Funny how after Montfort's reputation with stealing tons of money from nursing homes that he ran and Bealle's reputation as a criminal, no one has opened an investigation into where the taxpayers money went.

Now many prominent people of Dallas are telling me to write to you. Please investigate. No one seems to care about the hell hole that some African-American students find themselves in when all they want is an education.

Perhaps the worst thing that is happening at the school is the penchant for hiring pedeophiles. First one of our television stations, Channel 4 KDFW, came to the school with a reporter, Jeff Crilley, and extracted one pedeophile. Next, Rev. Brown and James Montfort hired Darroll Simms, ex-band director at David W. Carter High School in Dallas just to work at Lynacre Academy (formerlly I AM That I Am Academy) just weeks after he was indicited for having an improper relationship with a child. The Dallas Morning News had run his photo on the front page just weeks before his hiring. Then, I discovered that Rev. Brown was sending his own first cousin, The Reverend Donald Ray Temple, on trips every year with the sixth grade. I have video with him on the 2006 trip. The trouble? Rev. Temple was kicked out ofa church that he used to pastor in Kileen in the 1990s for pedeophelia. Rev. Brown kicked Rev. Temple out of the church where Rev. Brown is pastor, The Fellowship Baptist Church of Oak Cliff, because a juvinile female, Kiesha Wallace (lives with her parents Kieth and Annette Wallace Lancaster, Texas [phone listed under Annette Wallace]) complained that he followed her around and kept putting his hand under her dress. There are two other known pedeophiles, Danny Dillard and William Holmes, working at the school now. These sexual predators are my brother-in-laws' friends.

Don't take my word. Go to the church one Sunday and ask why Susie Temple is still an usher there but her husband is not allowed on property. But he is allowed to travel with the sixth grade. He has been in pedeophile counciling since the 1990s. Rev. Brown was performing some to the counciling! So, why would Rev. Brown send him on trips with 12 year olds? Sounds like the Vatican? Investigate, then, you will uncover a can of worms that I can not begin to describe.

I have presented this evidence to the Dallas City Council and The
Dallas County Commissioners. The Texas Education Agency has called me and recorded me over the phone about this school. While these agenceis investigate or ignore my complaint, more children could become victims. Why is it that agencies would sit on this information while other people's children go off on overnight trips with pedeohiles? This is henious and unChristian. Would you like your children going from Dallas to Sea World in San Antonio with a pedeophile overseeing them? Icky, huh? DO SOMETHING! The video of the 2006 trip to Sea World with this guy frolicking with young children will turn your stomach. I have that video tape and will copy it to you any time that you ask.

There is so much more. Please contact me.

James Dunn

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