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Saturday, May 26, 2018

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Wolfowitz Sex Scandal Muddies World Bank Waters  (continued)

Wolfowitz Sex Scandal Muddies World Bank Waters

Indications are that the White House has been aware of this situation and has even had a letter from Dr. Clare Selgin Wolfowitz concerning the Security Implications of her husband's womanizing.

The only White House response to date was to nominate Wolfowitz for the World Bank because they know he could not make it through a Senate Conformation Hearing for any other job for which they could nominate him.

The ex-wife or the wife, Clare is not saying. If she divorced Wolfie the records cannot be found and she is refusing to answer. It appears that Paul Wolfowitz is a married man carrying on with multiple woman.

A primarily Saudi Arabian terrorist attack takes out the Twin Towers and hits the Pentagon. So what does Paul Wolfowitz recommend?

Attack Iraq! There was no evidence to support war with Iraq so Dr. Wolfowitz and his Likud linked cabal in the Pentagon dummied up evidence.

Why did Dr. Paul Wolfowitz sell out America and how was he influenced by his Arab girlfriend who spent much of her life living in Saudi Arabia.

Paul Wolfowitz has a long record of putting Likud first, even before the interests of the US.

As head of the World Bank will this give Binyamin Netanyahu or Arial Sharon a veto power with World Bank loans? How can Dr. Wolfowitz assure us that Islamic Countries will be treated fairly?

Assessment: After fine tuning the PW model it indicates that Wolfowitz is agent of a foreign power. I believe that there is a high probability that Wolfowitz has violated his oath of office and has broken the law.

Information has come to my attention that Wolfowitz was involved in an earlier AIPAC Spy Scandal but was able to avoid prosecution.

Paul has a close pattern of association with men who are suspected of spying. It appears that he has betrayed his country. He is the object of an FBI Probe.

Wolfowitz' primary loyalty is split between the United States and radical fringe of the Likud Party. While brilliant Wolfowitz lacks a historical perspective. This leads to a shortsightedness that can win the battle but lose the war.

It appears that Wolfowitz feels a growing burden of guilt. I suggest that at a certain level Wolfowitz knows that his subversion of American Foreign Policy is killing and maiming American Soldiers.

I am suggesting that Wolfowitz is an Israeli mole, the FBI is investigating Wolfowitz and his staff.

Israeli Moles in the Pentagon: Tom Clancy Suspects Paul Wolfowitz's Loyalty

I just heard Tom Clancy on Deborah Norville's show. She asked him about some persons he had met in the Defense Department. When she brought up Paul Wolfowitz, and asked his impression, Clancy said "Is he working for our side?"

Clancy said he was involved in a red team exercise in the Pentagon and Wolfowitz came in a briefed them, and he just did not seem to Clancy as though he were "working for our side."

I'm not entirely sure what Clancy means by this. He is no liberal, though, so it is interesting that he says it."
Dual Loyalties: Juan Cole's Informed Comment : 06/01/2004 - 06/30/2004


I have become strongly disillusioned with Paul Wolfowitz. I always assumed that he had a plan that was in the best interests of the United States and that as the war progressed it would be apparent. To my dismay it is very apparent that whatever plan there was it was not to the benefit of the US.

The underlying direction of Paul Wolfowitz's foreign policy always appears to be the Likud agenda. To base critical foreign policy decisions on the desires of a minority party of a foreign power would in itself be a monstrous evil. I tried for as long as I could to give Dr. Wolfowitz the benefit of the doubt but the shear weight of his record combined with his pattern of associations and activities clearly point to his being a long term mole in the service of another country.

Paul Wolfowitz pushes him self extremely hard. Workdays often run from 7 Am to 10 PM. Staff feels compelled to keep up.

As his position comes under increasingly under fire he and some staff members have taken to come into work on weekend. despite the intense pressure on the Wolfowitz staff they stay extremely loyal.

While Wolfowitz still has the Presidents ear he is seen as damaged goods, people no longer mention him as a prospect to replace Rumsfield as secretary of Defense or to replace George Tenet at CIA.

It is not generally believed that he could make it through a Senate Confirmation hearing.

Wolfowitz is divorced from Dr. Clare Wolfowitz, a noted linguist and expert on Indonesia. The couple had three children and lived in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Wolfowitz now lives in Upper Northwest DC not far from the Chevy Chase line. His romantic interest reportedly is Shaha Ali Riza.

Wolfowitz in Earlier AIPAC Spy Scandal

"Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, who an administration official described as having played a "large role in getting Feith" his current job, was working for the Arms Control and Disarmament agency in 1978 and was the subject of an investigation that alleged he had provided "a classified document on the proposed sale of U.S. weapons to an Arab government to an Israeli government official" via "an AIPAC intermediary," according to Green. The probe was eventually dropped.

In 1981, Wolfowitz, who was working as head of the State Department Policy Planning Staff, hired Ledeen as a Special Advisor, Green said." Dual Loyalties: Wolfowitz in earlier AIPAC Spy Scandal

In the case of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, who lives in Chevy Chase, agents for months remained hidden behind the tinted windows of their parked vehicles.

“Very Tom Clancy,” said one morning jogger. But lately they have set up a post at a picnic table in a neighbor’s yard, where several comfy lawn chairs help ease the burden of constant vigilance. OPEN SECRETS=The

Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz suggests that Green Bay Packers fan Sgt. Michael Cain might prefer to wear a Department of Defense baseball cap after the recent Monday-night loss of Green Bay to the Philadelphia Eagles. Cain is recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., from serious wounds received while serving in Iraq.

Wolfowitz was in the hospital on Nov. 11, 2003, to visit with some of the wounded soldiers before joining President Bush at Arlington National Cemetery for the traditional Veterans Day observances. DoD photo by R. D. Ward. (Released)

One interesting point about Paul Wolfowitz is how deeply he feels things. Of all the neoconservative he is the only one who has ever shown the slightest sympathy for the Palestinians. I also have it on good authority that he personally writes letters to the families of Iraq war casualties and visits soldiers in local hospitals.

He avoids the extremes that we see in men such as Richard Perle.


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