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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Just Say No to Lawless Government  (continued)

Just Say No to Lawless Government So do not put all your eggs in with the state governments. The reliability of the states doing the right thing for the people is slim to none because the Feds love to hang the threat of cutting off the money.

Where we can be most effective is at the county and local municipality level, blocking these illegal aliens coming into the county or cities. We must not allow the Federal government any sanctuary to break the immigrations laws in our own communities.

We have to attend county commission meetings not allowing the feds to set up these holding facilities in their county. Not allowing FEMA to come and set up these detention centers. This is how REX-84 was planned using the illegal immigrants to occupy the FEMA camps before they went after the dissidents to gain public support.

Second we must not allow these people among us because of the public health issues bringing in contagious diseases. The CDC will not help us. This is a public health threat.

We must not allow these children in our public school putting our children at risk. We must go to the School board meetings making sure these sick children are not in the student population. We if necessary block these buses bringing these people in our communities.

We must now allow these people to vote. They have not paid any taxes or contributed to the system no matter how immoral it may be supporting the corrupt government.

They know nothing about our culture, our form of government. If they can not read a ballot in English. They have no business voting. We must make sure the county Supervisor of Elections only registers legal American citizens. The Supervisor of Elections must not accept voter applications from the the local DMV and the Local welfare office if there is no proof of citizenship that can be verified. Nullify the Motor Voter law locally.

We must not allow this group of people vote in our elections unless they go through the lawful process of naturalization. Nullify President Obama's executive orders at the local level since these decrees are making law outside of congress and not executing the laws faithfully passed by our lawmakers.

We can do much on the local level to stop Barrack Obama creating the crisis of illegal aliens crossing the border to make them illegally registered voters to secure the Democrats' future political power.

Declaring our independence today means -- we will no longer live at the mercy of a corrupt oligarchy that no longer listens to the people.

On this July 4, 2014 -- we will regain our dignity and self respect as Americans not rolling over to a dictatorship so our lives can be destroyed by his decrees.

We the people are the government. The people we elected in office are public servants and not government officials. We must execute the laws of the union and enforce the laws of the land. Our public servants failed us.

If we want to live in a land being free and prosperous. We have no choice to sit idly by and allow these corrupt politicians sell us out one more day. At the end of the day. We can only blame ourselves for allowing this lawlessness to happen or take drastic action to make sure our nation shall never perish, but prevail.

Happy Independence Day by saying no to this lawless government selling us out. Withdrawing our consent and support is a true message we have declared our independence from this corrupt government.


No Help from Washington. Americans Must Enforce the Immigration Laws Starting This Independence Day.

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