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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Defunding ObamaCare by Non-Compliance  (continued)

Defunding ObamaCare by Non-Compliance I say just ignore the law. Why? Because cutting hours of employees takes money out of the economy. Their workers are also their customers. Employers of small bossiness need to band together and say "no." Stop being afraid of the Federal Government. Meet with the county Sheriff to keep the IRS and the Obamacare goon out of the county. To comply with Obamacare is aiding in their own destruction.

Employers should not allow the Government's power of tax destroy their livelihoods of their workers and themselves. Small Business and employees need to band together and say "no". If there is no consent and compliance, Obamacare will collapse.

The other way is for people en masse not to purchase Health insurance. Obamacare is another crony capitalism law that uses to force of government to shut down competition as well force people to buy health insurance from certain insider insurance carriers that will benefit Right now United Healthcare, Humana and Blue-cross and Blue Shield stocks values are up because of Obamacare.

These major insurance carriers wrote the law to shut down their competition as well forcing Americans to purchase their overpriced plan that will deliver substandard healthcare to people. Smaller insurance companies will be put out of business because the three above insurance carriers are exempt from certain laws they imposed on their competition. This is called a monopoly.

We the people are not here to be slaves for the corporations, bankers and the government.

If the profits of these major carriers speculated by Obamacare go bust because no one can afford to pay high premiums. Those stock values will plunge causing these major insurance carriers to go out of business or move to repeal Obamacare if they realize it was a bad idea.

Yes we can withdraw our consent to comply with Obamacare. If we the people in mass say "no" we will not buy nor comply with this law that destroys lives and ruins the nation. Yes we can defeat Obamacare. "Just say no." To comply with this law is suicide and insane. We do not have to do the will of Obama. Let use Obama's slogans against him. I say "Yes we can" tell Obamacare to go to hell. Do you agree?

"Yes We Can" Defund Obamcare by Not Complying and Refusing to Buy Overpriced Poor Insurance Plans.

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