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Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Don't Use PayPal: PayPal Steals... Again  (continued)

Don't Use PayPal: PayPal Steals... Again I seriously suspect that Paypal is stealing the funds outright, and if they are, this truth site would not be the first to have problems with Paypal. has had many problems with Paypal acting up in the past, and if Paypal is a band of closet thieves working to subvert dissenting opinions on the web it would not surprise me at all.

I am currently trying to get transaction numbers from all three of the above, and if ANYTHING is amiss, there will be a well detailed report here about how it is now perfectly legal for financial institutions and the Federal Government to steal money from anyone under the umbrella excuse of fighting terror.

Paypal is DEAD.

DO NOT put any donations or anything else through Paypal, and if you are a dissenter and you use them at all, you are taking a huge risk.

It is now my belief that Paul Short got completely robbed of all Paypal donations not accounted for via prior communications, a possibility made reality by the fact that if the NSA is listening to all phone calls and reading all e-mails, and dissenters have top priority in this system, The NSA would have known which donations Paul would have known should be there and told Paypal to allow those through, to hide the fact he was getting totally jacked everywhere else.

This no doubt is happening to me, and they are being a little less careful because Wolfgang's message, which arrived two days later than it should have, at least confirms beyond all doubt that donation vanished into the Paypal system without a trace.

I am currently contacting all three of the above for any transaction numbers they might have. They will be put in contrast with a screen grab which shows that absolutely NOTHING even registered (as far as I can see it) in the Paypal system with regard to my friend's account and I will use these numbers and screen grabs to hang Paypal on the stage of public opinion.

This story is developing . . . . . . . .


Something is seriously amiss with Paypal; Paypal has been caught red handed stealing funds

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