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Saturday, May 26, 2018

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Radiation War Intensifies with HAARP Tornadoes   (continued)

Summary of Leuren Moret April 19, 2011 interview

In her interview, independent scientist Leuren Moret covered the following topics:

Japan tectonic nuclear warfare update

• The Japan nuclear event is now a level 7 nuclear disaster. 50,000 trillion bq of radiation have been released. This is a larger radiation disaster that Chernobyl, because of which 1 million persons have already died.

• Fukushima is still a ticking time bomb.

• Japan government is moving its headquarters from Tokyo to Nagoya or Osaka.

• Osaka has been a stronghold of the Rothschilds since 1700’s. Osaka is halfway between Kyoto, where the imperial court was (and to which the Emperor has now moved his court), and Edo (Tokyo) the headquarters of the Shogun during the Edo period.

• Japan’s 4th generation nuclear bomb program is at Osaka University.

• Japan’s HAARP is site out of Kyoto university, the old imperial headquarters

• Tepco, the Japanese electrical power company that operated Fukushima nuclear power plant, may be taken over by the government, bankrupted and dismantled.

Releases into the atmosphere and ocean of radiation from Fukushima will contaminate northern and southern hemispheres

• Contaminated Port of Tokyo – Ships will not go there now.

• Contaminated food in northern third of Japan.

• Japanese prime minister Naoto Kan:

• Speaking at a news conference to mark one month since the massive earthquake and tsunami devastated the northeastern coast of the country, Japanese prime minister Kan said produce from the region around the Fukushima plant is safe to eat despite radiation leaks.

• Prime Minister Naoto Kan: [translated] “From now on, people should not fall into an extreme self-restraint mood, and they should live life as normal. To consume products from the areas that have been affected is also a way in which to support the area. We should enjoy the use of such products and support the areas that have been affected. I ask you to do this.

Stuxnet virus

• Non-generic – can attack any system with controllers (power plants, planes, ships etc.)

• CIA/Mossad but mostly CIA – “rocket science” level cyber virus

• Appeared in June/July 2010 – used at Bushehr and intended for Nantanz, Iran

• Appeared in Japan after June 2010, found in 63 computers in Oct. 2010

• MOX covertly put in Fukushima in Sept. 2010

• Israeli security team finished new Fukushima security system in about Feb. 2010

• USB stick used to insert in computer systems

• Controls should be analog with hands on access and separate from computer operating system

• New formula for tectonic/nuclear warfare: Nuclear power plants + HAARP-earthquake faults + Stuxnet virus (to jam the nuclear core and caul melt-down and radiation escape).

Nuclear war update - Western North America

• Iodine 131 levels reported 18,000 times higher than EPA standard in San Francisco, CA. water

• Video on Internet of water officials in Santa Clara, CA. suited up in highest levels taking water samples and telling people to get out of sight.

• Coverup continues: EPA has 124 radiation monitoring stations, 37 are broken, reporting levels lower in many cities than before the earthquake and disaster.

• Europe has the best reporting on radiation – Norway/Germany.

• HAARP weather modification with tornadoes/rain confirmed on March 18 in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Arizona and more April 17, 2011 in Los Angeles.

• No public health cautions to people in USA about contaminated food, milk (U.S. state milk boards/EPA not measuring radiation), drinking water, or advisories to use iodine supplements to protect thyroids.

• Contamination highest in Alaska and Hawaii but official denials that there are harmful levels – no public mention of 1300 other isotopes.

• Japan and Western North America (Canada, USA, Mexico) food baskets now contaminated, also water supplies.

• Future in 20 years:

* Epidemics of thyroid cancer, obesity (China is a foreshadowing).

* Chronic fatigue syndrome.

* Radiation-related diseases

Global radiation war update

• Southern hemisphere is now reported to be detecting Fukushima radiation – Australia, New Zealand

• Land grabs in Japan, Canada, USA, Mexico, Hawaii – Rothschilds

• Rothschilds farming in India, Punjab, etc., bankrupting European, Japanese and now U.S. farmers

• Global defaults by banking establishments - Morgan Stanley defaulted on a $3.3 billion loan and walked away from offices in Tokyo. Gave the keys back. It is the biggest default ever in Japan's history

• Pacific Ocean - Radiation outcome: U.S. Navy gets Hawaii (irradiated), kills whales/dolphins with radiation/sonar, is taking over Pacific Ocean

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