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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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Satanists Control Britain With Blackmail  (continued)

Satanists Control Britain With Blackmail

For example, Douglas Hurd (Foreign Secretary) and his son Thomas Hurd ('Diplomat'/MI-6 Officer) Hurd. They will then often suffer displacement - meting out similar punishments to others - and cognitive dissonance identifying with the organization that abused them.

The best way to understand how they work together is to see the agenda as "a force". They are Luciferian but some take it more seriously than others. Either way they all agree that the way to prove one's power is to cause suffering to others and that "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law". If you can imagine what 'normal' people regard as the worst possible philosophy, you will also be pretty close.

In a previous article, I went through the torture techniques of electroshock with cattle prod. My parents were not Satanists, but those who are in with the Royal Arch can let their offspring be 'treated' with electroshock therapy three times a week. At the extreme, Miley Cyrus's father used to rape her live at Bohemian Grove as one of the leading attractions.


Today, I want to be specific about actual pedophiles in music, entertainment and politics. I can confirm from my experience that the cult is everywhere. I mean literally everywhere: you will not be successful in "Allied" music or entertainment industry without being part of it. If you know that, it should make turning off MTV entirely rather than have your unconscious or subconscious mind subverted.

When people watch Royal Arch music videos/live performances or watch entertainment programs, the information is "hidden in full view".

The most obvious recent example for British readers is Jimmy Savile, whose cathphrase "Jim'll Fix It For You" was also used in child rape sessions with all his British government chums.

"Has Jim Fixed it for You?" an enthusiastic Thomas Hurd would ask a child rape victim.

Another prominent child rapist who was then forced to do Rothschild bidding is the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. An Intelligence minion like Hurd would ask him if he wanted a go with a boy, and the PM would say "that's very prudent of you". Planned in advance, he then used this phrase an inordinate amount of times in the mass media to millions. Easy to understand when you know how.

Tony Blair was introduced to me as "the future Prime Minister" in about 1992 by Douglas Hurd and Mandelson, although Hurd told me Mandelson was more important (Rothschild direct contact). Hurd told me that Tony Blair wasn't into rape as much as others, same as Evelyn Rothschild usually didn't get involved directly. "Sometimes my brother does" Evelyn told us.

There was Kathryn Blair's suicide bid after being raped by friends of her father. There's also rumours Tony Blair is the actual illegitimate son of a Rothschild. Either way you can see how timely that "heart attack" was for Labour Leader John Smith. Blair said "I had a funny feeling it would be me."

Some of these people are more victim than perpetrator. For example in the music industry you can take most famous women and young men. Is there much doubt that Justin Bieber and the dude from N Sync have been subjected to it?

From personal experience being flown by MI-6 to Bohemian Grove I met Nicole Scherzinger [lead singer Pussy Cat Dolls] who was being subjected to "ugly duckling" programming by having affection withheld in favour of Jessica Simpson.

Alizee the Corsican French singer, who could speak English (not very well in my opinion as a boy but was told "better than your French") was raped a thousand times and went on to be one of the largest names on the international stage singing "I'm a Lolita" and "I'm Not 20". I was asked to rape this girl which makes me feel guilty even though I was too young for it to be my decision. "You'll have to take the lead with this one, Reggie" The Royal Arch sneered "as Alizee doesn't know what she's doing".


I said specific: that was pretty specific. We have Operation YewTree in Britain. The idea that the British Investigators who all work for the Freemasons who work for Evelyn Rothschild who controls the people by getting them to commit obscene acts on video in the first place are going to come up with something, well I think it's unlikely!

But here's some names that may be outed (check back in a few weeks to see if I'm right):

First two new ones who may be revealed as they're not important members of Rothschild's circle like Hurd, Gordon Brown and Ted Heath.

* Pete Burns- (music industry):- Involved in frequent Satanic gay orgies with boys (so unconsenting) run by MI-6/Thomas Hurd. Burns likes being a "top" (penis) and when the KGB was monitoring him raping a boy he started saying "you're a little runt aren't you. That's what my mother would have called you. She wouldn't have liked you" and throwing the child around. Putin thought this was obvious displacement and offered to help Pete out with his problems (to avoid him killing anyone) but Pete said "I'm not going to speak to your imaginary friend Pooka". Putin, Peter, not Pooka. He later got his face almost taken off by absolutely inexplicable surgery (continued injections even when there was a problem) by an Italian surgeon. Don't want to instantly link Italy to KGB - but KGB revenge!?

* Bruce Forsyth - A beloved entertainer on British television with many catchphrases. The SVR has footage of Bruce and Thomas Hurd (MI-6) conducting a double rape of a child. In fact the SVR have thousands of hours of footage of Hurd that I saw the one time the Russian agency tried to attract my attention to it on their laptop (they cover up the brand for some reason with paper is something I remember?!). Bruce was told "you remind me of Grandad" in about 1990 and didn't react too well. He carried on touching the boy and was told "Grandad doesn't touch me like that". Thomas Hurd was finding it funny being young at the time and Forsyth told him off saying "this is for both our pleasure, Thomas, not just yours".

In fact Bruce,left, is a very poor pedophile since at a charity golf day he actually casually made reference to a gangbang to his friend Boycie from Only Fools and Horses - actor John Challis. "be quiet you're giving it away" Bruce laughed out of earshot when Challis commented at a "celebrity golf day" to the audience that he thought he recognized a child. "You're giving it away, Bruce" Challis said quietly. When the Dad wanted to know where Challis would know his son from, Challis did his famous Boycie laugh which, despite being asked numerous times, until that moment he was steadfastly refusing to do.


Those other names: McAlphine (he is now pedophile that is pretending not to be pedophile in full view), Savile, rocker Gary Glitter (arrested in Vietnam in 2006 for child sex) , Comedian Jim Davidson, [comedian] (accused of sexual assault yesterday) Jimmy Tarbuck (arrested for child abuse last week are all known to us.) [PR flack] Max Clifford I mentioned before.

Other names I mention but nothing has happened (guess they're too important):

Piers Morgan, [ad mogul] Charles Saatchi, [magazine publisher] Felix Dennis, Trevor Kavanagh (The Sun Political Correspondent), Theo Paphitis, [lingerie retailer], but you could go on to Gordon Brown, Ted Heath... it goes right to the top because it's deliberately run in that fashion by Rothschild. Some of the main "minions" are the British Security Services. Thomas Hurd didn't want to sign in when we visited Savile in his studio at the BBC for obvious reasons, but I did anyway on his behalf and crossed out his name a few times when he complained.

I'm sure that must be terriblly difficult for the Rothschild-controlled British Police to find: the signing in book from 1992. Also, of course, the Russian Federation could put away half the British Government for life by sending a videotape to the right person. Or even simply revealing it on RT. Consider it a polite request?

Not as important as Rothschild, but one for your US audience. When I was at Bohemian Grove I met the US guys like Bush, Clinton, Cheney and Greenspan. There's some tedious joke they do with Dick Cheney "that's why he's called Dick" --such a large penis. One of the chaps I met was your current President Mr Obama.

The KGB on radio asked me to do a joke with him: "Say, Sir, you look different from the others". Obama paused for a moment nodding his head to himself.. and then said "Is it because I am Black!?" with a smile.

Angela Merkel didn't have such a good sense of humour when some Russian scamp wanted me to say, "Hello Sir I take it the operation was a success!".

David Icke - Pedophile Ring Everywhere -


Satanists Control Britain With Blackmail

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