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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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TSA Threatens Man for Parody Grope Video  (continued)

“I’ve been doing parody videos for a long time and I’m interested in the subject of TSA groping and fondling, which has been in the papers, the news and YouTube, all over the place, so I decided to exercise my First Amendment right and made a funny video,” Blackwood tells the caller.

Continuing his probe, the caller delves deeper into the parody’s content, noticeably offended by the video’s comparison of TSA employees to Nazi Gestapo.

“The second question is why would you do such a video comparing our hard workers to Nazis and Adolf Hitler?” the caller asks.

Continuing to defend his First Amendment right, Blackwood refers to recent news that revealed the TSA to be threatening travelers with arrest for simply making jokes about airport security, a driving factor behind the Infowars contest from the beginning.

“My concerns are our workers are being portrayed as criminals when they’re here to protect us from terrorists. They do that on a daily basis,” the caller says.

Ironically, that very day, documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request confirmed that the TSA allowed Muslim Brotherhood members, a group declared a terrorist organization by the Egyptian government for terror attacks and close ties to Al Qaeda, to skip pat downs and secondary screening while traveling through the US in 2012.

“And how many terrorists have you guys caught since day one of this program?” Blackwood asks.

While attempting to defend the TSA’s daily “hunt,” which according to the caller allegedly stops “potential terrorists” every single day, recently released internal TSA documents prove the opposite to be true. Sealed court documents published last October revealed the risk of terrorist airline hijackings and bombings to be non existent, no thanks to TSA procedures.

“Many workers have already seen your video and find it very offensive and our workers have families with children sir. How would you feel about it if one of their kids came across your video, seeing people that looked like their parents groping people?” the caller asks.

Apparently unaware of the countless viral videos online showing TSA agents groping woman, children and the elderly, the caller continues by demanding the video be taken down, even warning of legal action before threatening to put Blackwood on a government “list.”

“As federal employees we would like to request you take this video down immediately and if your not willing to comply we will pursue getting your video removed from YouTube by all legal means and take you to court for defamation of character,” the caller threatens. “We’re prepared to take action if you don’t comply by this and if you don’t comply, they’re going to take some serious action I’m telling you. You can say whatever you want but you can consider your name flagged when traveling the airways.”

The “list,” which could refer to the government’s no fly list, was recently ruled unconstitutional by U.S. District Judge William Alsup. A secondary list known as the terror watch list, which now contains more than one million secret names, seems to be a more likely possibility regarding the caller’s threats.

While the TSA has yet to confirm or deny the caller’s claims, the agency’s documented history of lies has many wondering whether the issue will be resolved any time soon. Judging by the caller’s comments, the call was likely an unsanctioned threat by a rogue employee.

Unfortunately, if the video was to be censored, it would not be YouTube’s first time targeting those critical of the TSA.

In 2012, a TSA parody video produced by Natural News was censored through age restrictions shortly after being published. That same year, blogger and engineer Jon Corbett was censored in similar fashion after exposing the TSA’s lies regarding the efficiency of naked body scanners.

Last year during Infowars’ “Operation Paul Revere” film contest, Blackwood and Off the Hook TV experienced similar phone harassment and even had their YouTube channel suspended after their contest entry, “George Washington’s Revenge,” received national attention. The video even attracted an angered response from filmmaker Michael Moore, who was depicted for his anti-Second Amendment beliefs.

Off the Hook TV’s video entry into the “We Will Resist TSA & NSA Tyranny” 10K Film Contest.

Report: TSA Threatens to Put Man On List Over Parody Video

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