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Saturday, April 21, 2018

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Chain of Command Protocol & Emergency Orders   (continued)

4) All orders must be legible.

5) All exceptions to following the orders must be duly noted in the records by the addition of a new order to cover the exception, and that new order must be authorized at the correct level of authority. For example, if a general in Iraq commanding troops in Mosul makes an order, only a higher level general in the same chain of command, i.e. over those same troops in Mosul, can write an exception or make a new order. There are some exceptions to this allowed in emergencies.

For example, in 2004 when I managed to get women and children released from 3 US run prisons in Iraq, I did not have chain of command responsibility for those prisons and thus had no right to order their release. I had chain of command responsibility only for training Special Forces and intelligence officers in intelligence collection. I went into those 3 prisons demanding that they prove to me their ability to collect intelligence accurately on the medical condition of their prisoners. I then examined prisoners to grade their ability to collect intelligence. At 4 pm, having documented in their medical charts the terrible extent of their torture, told the commanders at those prisons that I would document the medical condition of the women and children in those prisons the next day if they were still in them. I had buses drive up which I paid for out of my own pocket at 4 pm and those commanders decided to cooperate and co-sign or allow to stand my emergency orders to release of the women and children. That is, if an officer of higher rank, such as myself, finds a grave violation of conduct in a chain of command not their own, they can still write an emergency order to correct it. In practice it is hard to accomplish without stepping on a lot of toes and using a fair amount of implied or real threat of court martial. Those above one often refuse to follow up in conducting the appropriate court-martials to correct very serious abuses.

The impersonations using remote viewing/influencing technologies are within the jurisdiction of my dept. to write order to correct, not just in my dept. but wherever in the entire chain of command of the US govt. in which they are occurring. That means that I definitely have the authority to trigger the Emergency Orders throughout the US govt. which apply when the integrity of the US govt Chain of Command has been violated. There are different sets of Emergency Orders which are enacted automatically upon a qualified person enters into the order record that that type of violation has occurred, by so much as yelling "fire" in response to seeing smoke in a building. These Emergency Orders are set in cement by prior approval of the Joint Chiefs of Staff after "war game" scenarios are played out and it is clear what Emergency Orders are necessary to recover from that kind of violation of the integrity of the US government. For example, when there is a violation in the Chain of Command order governing weapons of mass destruction deployment, location of storage, use, and disposal etc., the Emergency Orders call for an immediate Lock-Down of all facilities from which those weapons can be ordered launched or can be launched, up to the White House and down to where the weapons are. The Emergency Orders also specify the conditions under which that state of emergency can be called off. For a violation of the Chain of Command governing the WMD that requires that all those weapons by verified to be in their correct locations and that all people in control of them are correct in their identities, their loyalties, and their understanding of the correct procedures to prevent their theft, misuse, deployment, etc..

In each case there has to be an investigation to determine why the violation occurred, who is responsible and to get them out of the Chain of Command before that Chain of Command can be restored to its normal functioning. In addition, all officials guilty must be properly disciplined through court martials in order to ensure that officials do not commit those offenses again. In practice, the court martials occur after the restoration of the normal functioning of a Chain of Command. But until all those guilty are arrested and secured in prisons it is not safe to return the Weapons of Mass Destruction to their standby mode of deployment. Until that happens all facilities which a person suspected of the violation has the authority to enter must be locked-down--ie shut down except for the military police necessary to ensure that they remain empty.

That is as much time as I can spend on this answer at this time.

A virtual reality bubble is when a commander or officer such as myself, instead of being given accurate information about whether their orders have been correctly enacted, is supplied with false information or denied information. All virtual reality bubbles are illegal as they have as their intent to disable that commander or officer. In practice, they always signal that one's side is infiltrated by traitors attempting to prevent themselves from being court-martialed.

Since I was for decades a counter-intelligence officer and used in Pentagon war games to figure out what Emergency Orders should be in place to handle various types of violations of the integrity of the US government, I have a lot of experience in these matters. In previous years I have written both the Emergency Orders governing an impersonation violation and governing a WMD violation of the Chain of Command. I did not write the Emergency Orders governing a falsification of the regular US government orders but I have reviewed them.

We are currently in a crisis where Mr. Obama, his appointees, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are acting as paid agents of a foreign power, and are thus traitors. That they are in command of the WMD and have refused to follow the proper procedures to ensure that they are not impersonated, and the proper procedures to prevent the use of such weapons, while having others impersonate them as ordering the use of such weapons is deeply concerning to say the least. We have a crisis with a capital C. The only way to resolve it is to launch a Civilian Committee of extremely high moral authority to demand accountability and to ask the UN to issue an emergency resolution to prevent use of US WMDs. The US has a first strike nuclear war policy. We need to use the Civilian Committee to expose that and demand the UN resolution to make that illegal.

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