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Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Circumcision:How Annunaki Brand Their Human Slaves  (continued)
    by WES PENRE

Circumcision:How Annunaki Brand Their Human Slaves Nannar, Nammur's son, barely escaped, from thereon suffering from severe radiation injuries, which left him with a bad limp.

It certainly looked like Galzu's prophecy was going to be fulfilled, because Babylon was spared, and this was where Marduk declared his supremacy. Also the Enlil understood that Galzu's predictions were about to come true.

Some of the gods, loyal to the Enlil left Sumer, accompanied by their followers to all the four corners of the world, so that the Anunnaki were now operating on all different continents of Earth. Others remained in the neighborhood, ready to challenge the new power, which was Marduk.

Marduk's related, extended family in Northern Sumer, the Aryans, invaded the lands in the east, and Europe to the west, conquering human settlements everywhere, and imposed their Aryan supremacy on them. This is the status up to this very day[1]. (We can see that, with all the wars and conflicts going on in the world in present time, if we could look at it with a birds-eye, we would see the same conflicts going on now as in the distant past; same old rivalry, and we humans are fighting their wars, unknowingly. Only difference is that the powers behind the scenes are hidden now).

2. The Enlil Branding His Cattle--YHVH's Chosen People

Of all the slaves who were loyal to Nammur, the Enlilites and his RAM clan (Ninurta, Nannar, Adad, Utu, and Inanna), only Abraham and his loyalists survived with a lot of help from the Enlil. He wanted his slaves branded as his, like we are branding cattle today.

So when Abraham was 99 years old, the Enlil (YHVH in Hebrew, or YeHoVaH) commanded him and his male followers to cut off their foreskins so they would be clearly branded for Nammur and his sons by having phalluses like those of the Å a.A.M.i. This way the gods could easily recognize their own slaves. After Abraham and his people had all been circumcised, the Enlil told Abraham: "Unto thy seed have I given this land and the brook of Egypt [Nile] until the River Euphrates"[2]. Nammur was clearly telling Abraham that he and his followers were the Enlil's chosen people. The land he gave his chosen people included both that of the Arabs and that of the Israelis, which we will see soon.

For the rest of this article
Abraham, Moses and the Chosen People

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