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Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Illuminati - Black Nobility Take Over America  (continued)

Illuminati - Black Nobility Take Over America

As the poison has spread, the people of our nation have done precious little to stop its progress. America has ceased to be good, and unless we change course immediately, by whatever means are necessary, America will cease to be great as predicted by De Tocqueville, and will come under the judgment of our Creator as predicted by Jefferson.

We are a hair's breadth from disaster, judgment and ignominy. A vote for McCain, Obama or Clinton will most certainly put us over the edge, while a vote for Ron Paul would provide us with a change of course that could slingshot us back to greatness and into the good graces of our Creator.

The ongoing corruption of America started to accelerate with the concentration of vast sums of money into the hands of a few during the Industrial Revolution.

People like Rothschild, Warburg, Rhodes, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, Kennedy, Bush and Ford, some of whom many people still venerate, were some of the most evil men of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. They never gave a penny without an agenda, and did not have a single altruistic bone in their bodies.

The wealthy were lured into and became subservient to the powers of darkness through various satanic and occult cabals, many of which have been in existence in one form or another for thousands of years.
For most of these industrial pirates, this was a very small step since most of them were ruthless cutthroats to begin with.

For instance, after murdering the Russian royal family, they helped set up Lenin's Communist state in Russia. They are the ones who promoted and financed Hitler's Nazi regime in Germany, a regime that was saturated with occult activities and beliefs.

And ever since Cecil Rhodes died and left his money in trust to promote world government with the Black Nobility of England at the helm, these elitists have conspired with one another and with the evil rulers of Europe to once again take over our country and put it into the iron grip of the Black Nobility of Europe and its banking cartel, a banking cartel run mainly by the insidious and totally corrupt Rothschild family, Shylock's extraordinaire.

Whenever the Queen of England visits America, it is to give our top politicians their marching orders from the upper echelon of the Illuminati, where she is at the top of the food chain.

The Black Nobility of England are still seething with jealousy and anger over our successful rebellion against them in the American War for Independence, also known as the Revolutionary War, and over our social, political, economic, military and religious successes, as well as over our ascension to become the sole dominant world power that at one time was looked up to and admired by most of the rest of the world which was repeatedly rescued from various evil regimes by America's goodness and might. The War of 1812 was their first attempt to take us back into their clutches.

After their attempt to reestablish their European-style banking cartel in the US was again defeated when our government wisely refused to renew their charter, the Rothschild's financed this new war effort in 1812 to enslave "the colonies," as our country is still referred to by the Black Nobility of England. Their plan very nearly succeeded, but we got help from the Russians and shrugged them off again.

Andrew Jackson had to fight them off later at the cost of having to suffer multiple assassination attempts against his life. The assassinations of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy are rife with evidence that they were killed because they opposed a European-style, debt-based fiat money system, and in the case of both Lincoln and Kennedy, that they either issued, or planned to issue, money directly out of the US Treasury instead of floating debt-based bank paper in the form of notes or IOU's from privately owned banks.

The Black Nobility and their bankers, having failed to get a foothold in 1812, continued to bide their time for almost exactly one century, trying machination after machination that did not succeed, and they have continued to hate both us and the Russians with a passion. In 1913, they finally obtained the weapon they needed to bring us to our knees, a weapon that was acquired through the most nefarious of means which we have discussed many times in the IF.

That weapon was a two-edged sword, with one side of the blade being the privately owned Federal Reserve System, and the other side being the Federal Income Tax. That way, they could inflate us out of our wealth, and if that process of expanding money and credit far beyond our rate of growth resulted in any Illuminist casualties due to profligate speculation, asset bubbles, recessions and depressions, the people could be tapped to bail out the scumbags, just as is being done now by the Illuminist-owned Fed as all manner of toxic waste is exchanged for treasury paper and as trillions of dollars are loaned to Illuminist insider banks and financial institutions that will never be paid back, with all losses to be eaten by the taxpayers in the form of higher taxes and hyperinflation.

Next came the absorption of the press and other media to take control of our reality and to replace it with a matrix of their choosing, the current matrix being a Goldilocks dreamland where everything turns out just right in spite of a reality which is the precise opposite.

As the media came under their control, they could determine who was elected and they could justify and propagandize any of their nefarious activities, which were principally wars for perpetual peace and perpetual profits for their military-industrial complex, which they built to gain even more money and power.

Each time their wealth and power was increased, it was used to create more corruption in our government, in our military, in our educational system and in our businesses, which enabled the attainment of even more money and power, thus creating an endless cycle of greed, corruption and the enhancement of power and wealth for the express purpose of impoverishing the US public and destroying US sovereignty.

Why would they do this? We'll tell you why. They want to pave the way for world government and the domination and subjugation of our nation once again by the Black Nobility who want to return us to a feudal system of government, a system, which worked so well for them during the Dark Ages.

And they want to bring the population of the world down to the levels that existed during the Dark Ages, which means the genocide of 5 billion people is on the agenda, and hence the perpetual wars, the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction, the bio-fuel scam, the food, oil and precious metal commodity price manipulations and shortages, the agricultural subsidies, the genetically modified seeds, the weather control and chem-trails activity, the various biologically engineered diseases such as AIDS which they have used to kill off millions of the "useless eaters," the promotion of abortion, the many eugenics experiments, the prohibition of DDT to promote the spread of malaria, the creation of a police state, etc., etc., etc.

With the control of the press and the nation's money supply, the power-mad Illuminati could make or break any politician, and soon our government was seeded with corrupt and compromised officials at virtually all levels of government. Such officials were subservient to their Illuminist masters instead of to the people, who supposedly elected them, though the people in reality had little choice in the matter, the candidates having been hand-picked by the Illuminists so that no matter whether a Jackass or Dumbo was elected, they and their official powers remained in the back pockets of the Illuminati.

This led to more wars, recessions and other skulduggery always aimed at transferring more wealth and power to the Illuminists, and out of the hands of the US public.

These corrupt government officials then appointed corrupt judges, tainting our legal system with men dressed most appropriately in black robes like the Satanists, Free Masons and occultists many of them were, who then passed their own Illuminist legislation when either Congress or the President got in the way by making up new versions and interpretations of our existing laws as pleased their masters instead of following very clear precedents.

Just as an example, they took language from an ACLU lawyer to the effect that there should be a wall separating church and state, citing a letter from Thomas Jefferson in favor of their ruling.

Did you know that after writing that letter, Thomas Jefferson went to religious services held in the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.?

Thomas Jefferson later arranged to have the Marine Corps Band play at the religious services held at the Capitol, where the largest Christian congregation in the United States met every Sunday.

Also note that the First Amendment mentions nothing about a separation of church and state. It simply says that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

It says nothing about what the states can do, or about what their local governments or their citizens can do, who are supposed to be left alone to worship according to the dictates of their faith free from interference by a potentially overbearing and powerful central government. Reading and teaching the Bible and its principles was encouraged throughout our system of education from the beginning because those who followed its precepts would make model citizens.

And for over a century now, the US public has sat by and watched as the IRS was given power over our religious organizations to prevent them from becoming politically involved by stripping them of their tax-exempt status, prayer has been removed from public schools and abortions have been legalized.

While all this transpired, our children were sent to war zone slaughterhouses as cannon fodder for the enemies that their own government promoted and funded as the corporate pirates and brigands on Wall Street lie, steal, cheat, defraud and endlessly, relentlessly and continuously screw the public with impunity, paying only a fine even in the few cases that the SEC bothers to prosecute, always leaving them to profit from their evil deeds.

They have destroyed our economy, broken our unions, exported or jobs and manufacturing plants and equipment, allowed illegal immigrant slave labor to overrun our borders, ruined our pensions, run up a multi-trillion national debt, created hundreds of billions in trade deficits yearly, destroyed our dollar, lied about our economic statistics, sent our real estate markets into a black hole, and have even sold toxic, overrated waste to their fellow bankers!

Asset bubble after asset bubble has been created and detonated and now we are being inflated into oblivion as we pay for the profligacy of fraudulent banks, mortgage lenders and lying borrowers while our leaders try to push us into the North American Union which they want to create in order to rob us of our sovereignty and pave the way for world government.


What will it take to get you people motivated? Will you wait until the wires from the Matrix pod are removed from your brain by the elitists, allowing reality to set in after it is too late, or will you pull the wires off your head now and get moving?

Where is your anger? Where is your outrage? Has America gone yellow? The only yellow we better see is the gold being purchased by Americans to protect themselves from the planned destruction of our country by the Illuminati!


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