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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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TSA Mandates Public 'Breast Exams' at US Airports  (continued)

TSA Mandates Public 'Breast Exams' at US Airports

Attorney Rhonda Gaynier talked about her TSA "breast exam."

"They touched me between my breasts and I stopped them. When I refused to allow them to continue, they refused my boarding." She complained to a male supervisor who was watching who told her the searc was "mandatory" Ms. Gaynier replied, "That's ridiculous, you're treating me like a criminal." A second screener then "came around to [the] front of my breasts and touched them with her fingertips. That's when I said, 'Whoa, what are you doing? I don't think that's appropriate.'" When Ms. Gaynier called such treatment "offensive," the leering supervisor said, "'Ma'am, that's not offensive.'" reported Becky Akers in her column called "British Bombings, Russian Wrecks, and the TSA"

Even celebrities like singer Patti Lupone get groped and humiliated by this TSA "policy."

"I kept going, 'this is really rude, what is going on? What is going on?'" LuPone told "Good Morning America" today. "I was shocked that I had been felt up." according to an ABC story (

Broadway actress LuPone, 55, was "made to take off her shirt, which she said 'exposed her, a female screener gave her a 'breast exam.'"

"Without asking, without telling me what was going on, just boom, in and when I was looking at the right breast she had already moved to the left breast," said Lupone. "It was quite shocking, humiliating and there was no explanation."

I don't know about you -- but if I Wuz a Lezbian, I'd head for the TSA Human Resources department.

Groping female air travellers as "Official Policy"?

Mandated by "Homeland Security"?

And you get paid for it too?

You can't beat that scam with a stick...

* URI DOWBENKO has been called one of Alternative Media's best writers and media analysts and the author of "Bushwhacked: Inside Stories of True Conspiracy" and "Hoodwinked: Watching Movies with Eyes Wide Open." He can be reached at
His website is
For more information on Dowbenko's articles and samples of chapters from his books Bushwhacked & Hoodwinked"

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