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Monday, September 15, 2014

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Geopolitics of Oil Starring NATO, Russia & Ukraine

Geopolitics of Oil Starring NATO, Russia & Ukraine (9-9-14) The question remains -- will Ukraine be returned to the Russian/ Soviet Empire?

Saber rattling by Ukraine, NATO and Russia continues apace. However the Ukrainian situation is really unchanged even though NATO has played its card – this idea of developing a 4,000 man European so-called Rapid Deployment Force which Obama has already pledged a billion dollars to finance.

Even though none of the other nations involved in this alleged NATO Rapid Deployment Force have agreed to pony up a dime for it. This would be a Rapid Deployment Battalion that would work outside the regular chain of command.

It's supposed to be a composite force which means having people with a wide variety of skills. Obviously it would involve some US troop commitment, but it’s meaningless because it takes two or three years to put them together and all the NATO countries disagree who’s going to finance it and where it’s going to be stationed. That could be an unsurmountable problem…

In other words, NATO played its hand visavis the Ukrainian situation.

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