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Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Increasing Volatility Helps US Treasury Long Bond

(1-25-15) Increasing Volatility Helps US Treasury Long Bond & Gold

(1-25-15) We continue to trade the March Long Bond contract from the long side. We were consistently buying throughout the week on our standing orders at 148.16, selling on moves up to 150.00. We were able to get that trade off 3 times during the week. We like buying the Long Bonds on dips. Long Bonds certainly will react positively over the weekend with a communist victory at the polls in Greece.

The Euros – we continue to trade from the short side for now. We were able to take 400 out of the Euros in the previous week’s trade. However we feel a temporary bottom may be in place at the 1.1140 area and would be looking for a move back to test the 1.1350 area in the coming week’s trade for fresh shorting opportunities.

March Crude Oil – which had attempted another rally off of the back of the news of the death of King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia backed off sharply from the spike high. We were able to sell the Oil again on our standing order at 47.

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